How to join Twitch

How to join Twitch

Undoubtedly the Twitch live video streaming service is one of the benchmarks, or rather, the current benchmark for all those video game lovers who like to watch the feats, tricks and various techniques used by different online users in the games that are streamed on this portal is also the ideal place for you to get known, thus showing the skills and abilities you have in some games. Well, one of the first tasks to be part of this fantastic online community is to have an account and for this we have prepared a simple guide on how to register on twitch to participate, see how others play and play.

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How to Join Twitch | Step 1

First they will have to log in or enter the home of the official Twitch website and to do this you basically have 2 options:

  • Using the search engine: in practice they will write in the search engine that they use the name that identifies this video streaming platform, namely " Twitch » then the respective “ Submit » and from the loaded results click on the correct one and the one from it is usually the first and is identified by the URL
  • Using the URL: they will have to correctly write the Twitch URL in the address bar of the browser they use and that is therefore, the " Submit » de rigueur and will enter directly on the cover of Twitch.

How to Join Twitch | Step 2

Once they are on the first page of the official Twitch site, they must click on the button that says «Sign Up» and is located at the top right of the screen.

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How to Join Twitch | Step 3

Now, on the new page that has loaded, you can start the registration process on Twitch and for this you have 2 valid options.

  • Join Twitch with Facebook: here, you just need to click the button that says Connect with Facebook.

This will open a page so that in this way they can enter Facebook by entering their email or telephone number and the password of their account and then clicking on «Log in» and with this they will automatically have a Facebook.Twitch account which they will be able to use immediately. Obviously this is a quick and easy option on how to register on twitchhowever, for privacy reasons and sometimes login issues, the other option is recommended.

  • Register on Twitch with a form: in this other alternative or option, they must fill in the fields or boxes of the form that is observed, namely the following:

Username: they will enter the username they want to have on Twitch and thus make themselves known.

Password: They will create and enter a password for their Twitch account which by the way is not easy to guess (e.g. 123456) and which by the way, they can remember since if they forget it, they will have to start a password recovery process account.

Birthday: they must enter their date of birth by clicking on month, day and year, and then select the correct date from the drop-down menus.

E-mail address: You will enter an email here that will be associated with your Twitch account.

Now, they will mark or cross out the square that precedes the text that says «I'm not a robot» so that a window appears with an exercise they have to perform to confirm that they are a real person.

When they have filled in all the capos correctly, they will then click on the button that says «Sign Up» and which is located under the form already described. Sure, this way of subscribe to Twitch it's a bit longer, however it's more secure, private, and reliable to do.

How to Join Twitch | Step 4

Here you are!! With the previous click given, they have already been able to register on Twitch successfully… Now, they should go to the inbox of the email they used to register on Twitch as an account confirmation message has been sent to them then, go to the email, open the message and click on the « buttonVerify your email» and they will be directed to a Twitch page where they will be told that the email address has been validated and they will now be able to complete their user profile and review how the service works in this way, get the most out of it and, by the way, play games !

* Note no. 1 | Sometimes, the message sent by Twitch may not appear in the inbox and go directly to the spam or spam folder, so it is recommended to check there, in the chaos, not to see that Twitch message in your post.

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