How to join Twoo without an account or registration to meet people | User guide

We can say that Twoo focuses on a chat that will allow you to talk or communicate with all kinds of people, here you can view their profiles, as well as their preferences and tastes.

In this network you can share your photos, see the photos of other users, have fun, you will never feel alone again, as you can talk to people from all over the world in real time.

How to join Twoo without an account or registration to meet people | User guide

In this order of ideas, below we will explain in detail how you can sign up for join Twoo for free, in the same way the procedure to be able to enter the profiles and see who is registered and finally how to recover your password in case you do not remember it.

How can I register to join Twoo for free?

In this space you will learn how to create a Twoo account so that you can enjoy this social network, the first thing you should do is log in or log into the Twoo site, you can do this in two ways; one of them is through your browser, for example Google, and the other through the app.

Once this is done you have to start with the registration, fill in the form with your details such as email, password, date of birth, your full name, your gender, your current city of residence. Once done, you need to click on the continue button and then you will create your Twoo account.

Now you have to confirm your email address, since they will send you an email so you can do it, then you will have to complete your profile by adding your photos and particular likes so you can start finding new friends.

What is the procedure for joining Twoo and viewing profiles without being registered?

The procedure for entering your Twoo account is as easy as getting a free premium Twoo account. Here we will explain everything you need to do in a simple and easy way, there are two ways to do it, it can be through the browser or through the App.

To do it from your browser you have to go to the official Twoo page and in the upper right corner click where it says "Connect", there you have to enter your email address and the password you entered, then do click on the word connect again and voila, you are connected to your account.

How to join Twoo without an account or registration to meet people | User guide

Now to do it from the application you have to download it from the Play Store, once it is completely installed click on the icon and press the word "connect" so you can log in, then enter your email and password, now you have to wait for it to load and voila, you will be inside of Twoo and you will be able to enjoy all its functions.

How to regain access to your account if you have forgotten your password

Recovering your Twoo account password is a process somewhat similar to viewing other users' private photos, you just have to follow the steps we will provide you below:

The first thing you need to do is enter Twoo's page and where are the boxes to enter your email and password, just below there is an option that says "I forgot your password", now in the screen that opens you have to enter the email with the one you registered in Twoo and click on the option "Get a new password", you will receive an email with a link with which you can change your password, you just have to insert the link and follow the steps indicated on the web at You can create your new password and be able to log into Twoo again.

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