How to Join WhatsApp Groups: Steps and Tips!

How to Join WhatsApp Groups: Steps and Tips!

Ever since the WhatsApp Messenger app appeared in the world of technological achievements, it has become extremely important for the users. This is because this social network makes it easy to share information, photos and videos with family and friends. This time you will learn how to join whatsapp groups easily.

This network allows you to stay in touch in real time in the form of audio and video, it also supports voice and video calling so you can communicate a little easier virtually. In turn, this messaging includes tools for creating mass chats where the admin can add a significant number of users and discuss different topics in a more fun and collaborative way.

Steps to register and join WhatsApp groups

Thanks to the various updates made to WhatsApp, this network has made it easier to join groups by sharing a link, sending an invitation or using a QR code.

Therefore, in this article we will show you how to join WhatsApp groups with different options. We'll also explain how to do it without an invitation. This application has been expanded to include new features, such as easier connection to a group, for which the network offers various methods, such as QR codes, links or invitations. If you want to learn how to access each of these processes, read the following:

1- Access via QR code

Although WhatsApp has a QR code scanner, it can only be used for Web WhatsApp, so to join WhatsApp groups using this method you need to install an external application on your phone that allows you to scan a QR code with an invite link.

There are hundreds of scanner in the Google Play Store, we have chosen the one in the image above, but we are already telling you which one is the right one for you. After installing the application and the QR code of the group you want to join, all you have to do is open the scanner and let it analyze the image.

After scanning the QR code, you will be able to see an encrypted link inside that will allow you to enter the corresponding WhatsApp group directly.

If you're a group admin and want to give your friends a QR code so they can log in, follow these steps:

1- First of all you have to create a group.

2- Then go to the place it says options and select it by clicking on it.

3- Next, go to option Create group.

4- On this occasion it is necessary to select the necessary contacts in the group.

5- You will now have to go to the option Group information, which will appear after you create the group. From there, you can add more members if you like, or make changes.

6- Once this is done to add someone using encryption you will have to click on options and search among the alternatives that appear where it is written Print QR Code.

7- And that's how you will have a code and you can share it with your friends and with any other person. To do this, your friends must activate the camera and scan it to enter.

8- Finally you should know that with this code you can include a maximum of 256 people in your group.

2- Invitation by link or link

Now we tell you how to invite your friends through links or links provided by the same social network. You should know that this way is quite practical and easy because messaging makes it easier for you to create a group. You will see that joining WhatsApp groups in this way is simple. To do this, just follow each step as described:

1- First, what you should do is go where it says options in quel social network.

2- Now you will have to click on New group and will be created with the members you choose.

3- Next, you will have to select OK.

4- At the top of the group you have already created, a tab will appear where you have to move where you will get an option that will indicate Invite via link, which will appear with a green icon and a clip icon, and there will be a link to your group.

5- Then, to copy it, you just have to write in the place where it is specified Invite via link and look at the bottom of Copy link.

6- If you want to share it, you will have to select Send link via WhatsApp.

7- You should know that in addition to the previous alternative, you will have the possibility of Share link to send the link through another social network and they can join.

3- Uninvited.

There has been a lot of talk about accessing WhatsApp groups, but without an administrative invite. This time we're going to explain everything you need to know about joining uninvited WhatsApp groups.

Note that it's unlikely you'll be able to join the group without permission, as when you join, everyone else will be sent a message that someone has joined. Therefore, if you are not authorized, you can be expelled immediately.

However, you cannot spy on WhatsApp mass chat without any consent. However, the creators do not deny the possibility of adding people without prior invitation. Though they were looking for alternatives to convince the community that end-to-end encryption prevents third parties from reading the conversations.

But this is not entirely true, with the vastness of the internet world and the great power of (bad) hackers, anything is possible.

How to join a WhatsApp group that I left before?

Normally in WhatsApp group chats many topics are usually discussed, but sometimes you have to leave because you don't want to be part of it, or because of some kind of mistake.

Therefore, we will tell you how to join a group that you have been to before. Note that if you log out more than twice, the admin can't add you back.

This is because a window or tab will appear stating that access to the contact is blocked. After that, a message will appear saying: Could not add (username) because he recently left the group.

That's why the first thing the creator has to do is wait 48 hours before they add you again. Once this happens, you will have to ask the administrator to send you the link via a private chat room or any other application so that you can enable it.

This time you will need to access the group information and use the feature Invite via link. When the user receives the address, he will just have to click on it and then accept the recovery.

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