How to know how many hours of playback I have on my YouTube channel - YouTube Watch Time

YouTube is one of the most visited pages on the Internet; Its variety of videos is the main reason its different channels are constantly displayed. And if I have a YouTube channel, it makes sense to want to know how many hours of playback I have on my channel.

Your YouTube there are several ways to log in to your channel options, but they can be summarized in 2 ways, depending on the device you are using. The former uses any web browser and the latter uses the YouTube mobile application.

Regardless of the way, for all cases you will need to enter your account first YouTube. As this information can only be accessed from the available configuration options of your account.

So you can see how long you have accumulated viewing

From the App of your mobile phone it is very simple; First we do click on the icon with our image in your YouTube account profile, a list of sections will appear, from which you will select the one that says "Watch time".

You will see one "Statistics" screen which shows you the time you have invested, watching the videos of today, yesterday, the daily average and the last week. Going further down, you'll be able to see some sliding buttons to have a rest reminder every 30 minutes, stop autoplaying videos, among other things.

How to know how many hours of playback I have on my YouTube channel - YouTube Watch Time

This is useful if you spend a lot of time watching videos and you need to better distribute your time throughout the day. However, to know the total hours of playback that the videos posted on your channel have, you need to go to other options related to channel monetization.

The significance of channel monetization

YouTube channels they can be an economic source of income, the monetization of this channel takes place through the ads that Google inserts before and during the playback of your videos, which then will bring you a small commission.

There are several requirements to monetize a YouTube channel. You have to earn or get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, have 4000 hours of playback in a year; You also reside in a country affiliated with the YouTube partner program and link your account to AdSense to serve ads.

As one of the requirements for YouTube channels, it is the number of hours of playback. This explains why we should go to certain monetization options to know the total hours we have.

The step by step to watch the accumulated viewing or playback hours

There is more than one way to know how many hours of playback your YouTube channel has, one is by browsing through the configuration options and the other is with the Youtube Studio tool. Today we will focus on the second.

This tool is integrated with the YouTube account when we are on a desktop computer; but if we want to access from our mobile, we will have to download the Youtube Studio app in the Google Play Store.

How to know how many hours of playback I have on my YouTube channel - YouTube Watch Time

Being within our YouTube account, we press the button blu “YOUTUBE STUDIO” in the header of our channel, or even in the “Youtube Studio” option that appears after clicking on our profile icon in the upper right part.

We will enter the dashboard or desktop; On the left side we have a list of options, we scroll down the menu until we reach the section "$ Monetization". By pressing the button, we will see the «Channel monetization» screen.

Now use that screen's scrolling for go to the end ; You will see both the playback hours of your channel and the number of subscribers you have affiliated so far.

So far this article can serve as a guide, so that you can refer to it several times if necessary, also it is advisable to see the visits of YouTube in real time with the online hit counter. All in all, the goal is to analyze how much people like your content; If what we've talked about here was helpful to you, don't forget to share it with other people.

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