How to know if a contact has Telegram

How to know if a contact has Telegram

For some time now, more and more people have been using the Telegram messaging service as a good alternative or option to the popular WhatsApp to be in touch with people they want or consider convenient. Now, one of the first curiosities or concerns that arise when using this messaging service is none other than: how to know if a contact has Telegram for that, add him to your contact list accordingly or just get to know him… Well, in Practical Resources we will give you the necessary clues so that you can, to a greater extent, know if a person has Telegram or not.

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How to know if a contact has Telegram

If their curiosity has been piqued or they want to know if anyone has Telegram to contact them, then for this you will have to carry out search actions for the person on Telegram which will allow them, in a positive way, to find said person on Telegram and in addition to that , add it if you want.

Find out if a contact has Telegram by adding them to your contact list

First of all, a good way to know if a contact has Telegram is to add them to the list or address book since by adding it, they will be able to make sure they have Telegram and will be able to contact them or they will know that they have not installed it since it will appear once they finish in the address book of the your Telegram but yes, they can invite you to join. Next, I explain the procedure.

They must access or enter Telegram from the device where they have this messaging service or, where they feel like it since Telegram is cross-platform. In my case, I used the web version of Telegram which, by the way, is pretty cool.

Now it's time to know if a contact has Telegram or not and for this the litmus test will be used which consists of doing a search for the contact by adding that person and for this they will click on the three horizontal bars (in the web version they are at the top left see attached image).

With the previous click, a small menu will appear with some options and they will click on it, which says «Contacts«.

With this, a central window will appear and at the top, you will be able to see a box with some text, which says «Search» grayed out, where you can effectively search it in your contact list to make sure they have it there, by writing your name or keyword. 

In case it does not appear in your list or address book, you can then proceed to add it by clicking on «New contact» located below to start the process of adding said contact to your address book in Telegram.

With this, a window will open where you can add relevant information about that contact and which are:

Name: In this box, you can add the name or, if you prefer, the nickname of that contact to clearly identify him in your Telegram contact list.

Surnames: in this other box, you can add the surname or surnames to more clearly identify that user in your Telegram list and it is very useful to differentiate some contacts when you have more than one José, Susana or María in the list.

Phone Number: they must enter in this box, the mobile phone number of that person correctly and if they live in another country, they must enter the country code that corresponds to that country.

Once this is done, you can click on the text «Crea» and with this procedure he will be added to your address book in Telegram and if you have Telegram installed, you will be able to talk to him and in case, in which you have not installed Telegram, that person will remain in your address book below until you install Telegram and a good way for this to happen is to send an invitation to install it and we will explain it below, in: send invitations to join Telegram.

Next, I leave the same procedure of adding contacts in Telegram in the mobile version.

Find out if a contact has Telegram via alias or at sign

An alternative or option to find out if someone has Telegram is to search for them based on an alias or a sign that that person may have. I tell you that every Telegram user can create an alias which would be a sort of account associated with his main Telegram and which allows him to be contacted by this Alias ​​on Telegram and, at the same time, to be able to keep the phone number private from other people.

Well, the big inconvenience this option presents is knowing if, in fact, that user has an alias and what it might be. One could assume or guess that he uses the first and/or last name or a nickname by which he is well known and the idea here would be to try them and have some luck, but the ideal would be to have him to start a search .

To search by alias, you will basically have to enter Telegram and then click on the three horizontal bars and a small drop-down menu will appear and then click on «Contacts«.

A central window will appear and the box will appear at the top where they must enter the presumed alias of the person (example: Superpepe) to see if it appears in the search and if it appears, they will know that they actually have Telegram and if it does not appear, they will not be able to determine whether or not that contact really has Telegram, as they may not have an alias or the alias is something else they don't know.

If you have found that person with his pseudonym and want to contact him, all you have to do is click on the name and finally get to the conversation.

Find out if a contact has Telegram through them or a mutual contact

Quite a sensible option that can save you some time in this, is to openly ask him if he has a Telegram account or how to contact him on this messaging service with it, they will immediately get rid of the worry and avoid wasting time guessing or are you looking for another way to know if you have Telegram.

In the event that they do not dare to ask, they can choose to use a mutual person or friend of absolute trust and who they believe can know if this contact has Telegram. All they need to do is tell you that they need to contact that person and if they have a way to reach out to them and then, fingers crossed.

Find out if a contact has Telegram by sending invitations to join Telegram

Finally, a good option for find out whether or not a person has Telegram is to invite her to install it once and for all. To do this, they must go to the list of contacts they have in Telegram and go to the end of it and with it, those people or contacts that they have added to their list or address book and who do not yet have Telegram will appear installed.

Well, they will press or click on one of these contacts and this will allow them to send you an invitation or an alert message through another medium (email, sms or even WhatsApp) choose the one you want and with This will open the invitation sent to that contact to install Telegram. In case you don't have that contact in your list, you will need to add them to your list which was explained above.

Here, it is possible that the contact installs Telegram and can be added as one of your contacts in Telegram or that this contact can communicate with you in another medium indicating that he already has Telegram with another phone number or that he does not want to use it oe Finally, ignore their invitation.

Finally, these are the options that matter when wondering how to know if a contact has Telegram either out of simple curiosity or because he wants to communicate with that person. Of course, they are options that allow you to discover this concern, but it will never be possible to establish whether that person actually has Telegram or not, because as you may have already understood, he could be using a number you don't have, an alias you don't know, or he doesn't answer to your invitations..

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