How To Know If An Online Website Is Safe To Buy - Step By Step Tips

Do you want to make an online purchase but doubt that the site is safe? Find out how to know if an online website is safe to buy and do it safely.

Online shopping is increasingly popular as it allows you to shop almost any product from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your home.

To begin with, an online store or virtual store is a form of commerce that is done via a website or computer application connected to the Internet.

In these online stores we can see the images of the products offered, read their specifications and, if we wish, buy with Bitcoin, Paypal safely and quickly, or even get them by credit card, bank transfers, among others.

However, while everything seems very surprising so far, the truth is that as this type of business grows, so too do online stores trying to scam customers.

It is convenient then, especially now, that we are very careful about signals which may indicate that an online shopping page is not safe, and therefore we do not lose our money.

Next, we will point out some tips that you can consider before making a purchase at any online store so that it is safe and successful.

Use a secure WIFI network

How To Know If An Online Website Is Safe To Buy - Step By Step Tips
The free WIFI networks available in public places are not safe, we do not know who manages them and cyber criminals who try to steal private information can hide behind them.

For this reason, we recommend that you only make your online purchases when you are connected to one private WIFI network, as you will need to enter your payment information and your address.

However, if you need to make a purchase and don't currently have a private WiFi network, there are ways to protect yourself to browse safely when using a Public WiFi network.

Check the web page

How To Know If An Online Website Is Safe To Buy - Step By Step Tips
There are features within a web page that you can look at to know whether or not this is a reliable page to make your purchases, be very careful before buying.

To get started, check that the page URL starts with a » https "And not with an" http ", the letter" s "means that you're on one secure web page to browse.

Also, check if a padlock appears in the address bar of your browser, right next to «https», this guarantees that you are on a secure web page.

Find information on the online store where you want to buy, see what reputation it has and what those who recently bought it think about it, so you will avoid scams and protect your digital identity on the internet in a safe way.

If you've received an ad in your mail or on your networks and it looks tempting, be suspicious; These links can lead you to a scam page trying to steal your bank details.

If you want to enter the ad page, we recommend that you write the web address directly in the address bar of your browser, so you will be more protected.

If the page is new or you don't have references on it, check for a contact number or an email where you can call or write a message.

Knowing who is behind that website is very important, so if you don't get a satisfactory response when you contact them, it's best to find another safer online store.

Make sure that the online store where you want to make your purchase allows you to consult its privacy policies and to read the return clause carefully to avoid fraudulent acts.

Be careful

If you get an unrealistic offer, compare the prices with those of other well-known and reputable stores, if the price difference is huge it could be a deception.

If, on the other hand, the online store claims that the sales on its products are due to special promotions such as "Black Friday", check that, in fact, there are discount seasons.

Furthermore, never neglect your personal information or bank details, nor providing more information than strictly necessary, being oblivious to these aspects can be dangerous.

Likewise, when creating a password for your internet accounts and cards, make sure you use at least 6 characters, using uppercase letters, letters and numbers.

Finally, frequently check the movements of your cards and bank accounts, in this way you can detect any fraud and report it immediately to the bank.

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