How to know if my partner has another Facebook

How to know if my partner has another Facebook

How to know if my girlfriend or boyfriend has two Facebooks? Ah, what a big and disturbing question. The truth is that there are quite a few people who have certain suspicions about their partner's fidelity and this situation, unfortunately, feeds or manifests itself many times in the use of the Facebook social network that your lover could give you. For this non-living, in Practical we have prepared the following article: how to know if my partner has another Facebook which consists of a battery of actions that they can perform -the interested ones- to discover this unfortunate misfortune that has them to mistreat or, recover or restore in something the faith and hopes that cause this sort of thing.

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How to know if my partner has another Facebook | First clarifications

First, it is necessary to clarify that the following options do not guarantee that they will be able to discover or not that second Facebook account of their partner, it only narrows the fence with some options that they can use to decrease this situation of which they suspect.

Having said and clarified the above, you can try each of the following options to narrow down the suspicions you have. By the way, the last option might be the one that satisfies you the most, you'll see…

How to know if my partner has another Facebook | OPTION N°1: Search for a person on Facebook or Search Engine

The first and simplest option to do (certainly many have already used it) is basically to search for a boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook but also, in the search engine, to discover that second Facebook account or profile that is jealously hidden from you.

Well, for this option they must first search for their partner in the Facebook search box by first and last name, enter each of the results to see if they can access more information that allows them to distinguish whether they are their partner or not., for example how: "Alexander Salazar» and review each of the results.

After the above, it would be necessary and relevant to do other searches by first and middle surname as well as just first, last, nickname or anything else that you think you can use to identify yourself in a second Facebook account and then review the results and try to access the profiles to determine if any of them could match.

You also need to do the same search operation in the Google search engine. That is, they will google their own name and surname + Facebook (example: Marcela Bustamante Facebook) as well as their first names, last names or whatever they think might give a clue to find that second Facebook account.

MAKEUP: if you find someone suspicious or who might be suspicious, you can play » something dirty » to verify it… One option is to ask someone you trust or, you yourself will create another fictitious Facebook account (name and surname that is not yours) . discard it or not.

Note No. 1: it should be clarified that not all people who have another Facebook account use their names, surnames or real data and therefore, with this single option it is not possible to determine whether they have another account or not, it is only discarded One option.

How to know if my partner has another Facebook | OPTION #2: Recover the alleged Facebook account

For the second option, they will need to know one or more of their partner's emails and/or mobile numbers in order to initiate a purported account recovery by providing this information, and by doing so, Facebook will report if there is an associated account or profile. to that or those emails or mobile numbers.

To do this, they have to access the home page or cover of Facebook in its web version and, after that, they have to click on the question that says: Forgot your account?

A new page will open, where they will ask you to enter your email or mobile number and you, enter the email you know of your partner and after, you will click on the button that says: «Search» and so on, They will repeat the operation with other emails they know of their partner as well as mobile numbers and if anyone appears in this process, it is definitely a second Facebook account of their partner.

Note No. 2: It should be noted here that using this option does not certify that your partner does not have another Facebook. It is possible that you have that duly privatized Facebook account and that no one can publicly search for it, as well as having a Facebook account with an unknown email and/or mobile phone number.

How to know if my partner has another Facebook | OPTION N°3: Log into your mobile phone

A third option that is worth mentioning and that requires a certain skill as well as speed and knowledge of the use of the mobile phone is to access your partner's mobile phone and thus discover - in a short time - some data that could be the matrix to find hidden sayings Facebook account or something else.

Firstly, they should know a lot about the architecture and usability of a mobile phone, also they should be clear that there are applications that hide icons, options for cracking passwords or sneaking a virus and so on, so many little things that they are something invisible to a mobile user with basic knowledge and which can be valid (according to each one's criteria) at the time of having that mobile in their possession.

After having seen and clarified the above, it would be good to think how to get that precious loot (the mobile phone) and for this they can plan so many things with a little social engineering like, for example, that your mobile phone has suddenly remained without battery and need to urgently call or write to their mother, brother or friend, which couple would refuse? With such a reason, you already have the phone in your possession and now you have seconds or minutes to check your partner's cell phone.

Note No. 3: Like the previous options and even if you don't find anything, your partner may actually have another Facebook account that is very well maintained and impossible to discover this way.

How to know if my partner has another Facebook | OPTION N°4: Spy tools

A final option in this search for a second Facebook account for your partner is to use an online service that allows you to more accurately review your partner's activity on Facebook or, rather bluntly, snoop on the your partner's cell phone.

Well, the first tool they can use for this task is StalkFace, which allows - in a good and free way - to access a lot of data from the couple's main Facebook account so that they can check their Facebook activity (photo history, places they've been, pages they've liked, etc. ) and then compare if there is anything odd or weird about their use that can support what they believe.

To use it they have to go to and then copy the link that appears in the address bar of the profile of the boyfriend or girlfriend in question, paste it in the central bar of Stalkface and then it will give him a Click on the blue button that says: «light» but first and if you want, you can configure the vast number of options below and thus undertake a search more in line with your interests.

Now, one last option that we mention in this section and that its use is at your discretion as well as the current regulations in your country, is an online tool called Spyzie which is used for parental control of any smartphone and is used a lot in work environments but also, family and which could serve this purpose perfectly.

If you are interested, you can log in to and find out in detail what it consists of, its functions and the purposes that can be achieved with this resource, which among other things is not free but promises a lot.

If they have decided to use it, they should see how they indicate to use it on their partner's cell phone or another option -something more sophisticated- is to give your partner a valuable cell phone and this will bring this parental control.

How to know if my partner has two Facebook | last words

Finally, the idea of ​​this article titled: how to know if my partner has another facebook try to give some more specific clues about this concern that can erode some people's trust.

However, the ideal would be to talk about this situation as a couple to learn the truth, however painful it may be, and in relation to this to determine the actions to follow… You are great, you know what you do well and what you don't do, you will make a wise decision … good luck.

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