How to know if my videos appear on YouTube KIDS - quick and easy

The tool takes into account the age of the children; Furthermore , the information can be checked, either by blocking them or by limiting the duration time of video playback; Initially, it was used for mobile phones and later spread to smart TVs and tablets.

What other content does YouTube Kids offer for children?

The content is varied, in addition to videos they also offer cartoons, songs, crafts with many ideas for projects, music, dance, video games, movies, series for the family, among others.

In the case of videos, are classified by age, that is, for children under four years old, those between five and seven years old, and finally those between eight and twelve years old.

What aspects should we consider if you want to create a video for YouTube Kids?

As we've observed, YouTube Kids has well-defined goals for this population, so you have to also create suitable quality and content to children and be able to meet their needs.

How to know if my videos appear on YouTube KIDS - quick and easy

Hence, it is recommended to understand the target population, age and interests appropriate to it, it is also important that the videos are guided to the whole family, so that they can interact and share discussions with them.

The contents must be different, it doesn't matter if you can only record videos with your mobile to upload to YouTube; the important thing is to include fun, songs and music, so that the experience is pleasant. Another aspect to consider is that users can easily get and remember the videos.

Remember safety for minors, setting an example in a positive way before others and respecting the philosophy of the YouTube Kids platform; Above all, a lot of originality at the time of creation, that they are educational and in a good mood.

How to quickly and easily know if my videos appear on Youtube Kids?

If you have a YouTube Kids channel for kids and you want to know if they are being played on that channel, we can use the official YouTube Studio tool, whose web address is

To sign up for Youtube Studio, you must first log into your Google email or YouTube account. If you don't have a YouTube account, you can create one during this process. Registration is very simple, fast and will allow you to create, configure and preview a new video on YouTube.

Previously it was called Creator Studio, it is also used to facilitate the management of your own channel in a personalized way; the whole through a panel where you can analyze the performance of your videos and compare them with previous ones published on the same date.

How to know if my videos appear on YouTube KIDS - quick and easy

Once we enter the aforementioned application, let's do it click on «Analytics», a graph immediately appears and at the bottom where it says "See more" a new click.

Next, click on «Filter» and it shows us a window in which we must select «YouTube product»; Three options will appear, click on "Youtube Kids", then click «Apply».

Time all the playback information will appear, we can see the last 30 days; But if we want to expand the field, let's go to the top right and choose another time period, like last year.

Il censorship check on some unsuitable videos to children it is very important; luckily YouTube Kids is clear on this. Even so, it is advisable to learn how to limit YouTube usage time on mobile phones and take all necessary steps to protect children.

To conclude, we can conclude by saying that this methodology is well recommended. Since you will get all the information in a personalized way on the evolution of your videos, from the beginning and in detail.

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