How to know if someone else is chatting on Viber right now

After the creation of the text messages, the ways to keep up with each other gradually grew. And, currently, one of the most used ways to be able to talk to others is through i services messaging.

Messaging services are those apps through which we can communicate with each other without having to use a balance or pay. They only use Internet services, be it Wi - Fi or your phone's mobile data.

With them come several advantages, such as the ability to make video calls, calls, write texts, send multimedia content and voice notes. These advantages make these services among the most used applications in the world.

However, being something so used by the general population, many apps have come out in competition with each other to be able to provide the best service. Among these we can mention applications such as WhatsApp or even the use of Telegram. But there is one that many people use and often overlook.

It is a fairly simple application to use, with all you can expect from these applications, it is Viber. It's also pretty easy to see, so hopefully it can have a large user base.

Viber also has its own ways of working and performing the same actions that you can do in other similar applications. On these aspects we can talk a little about the possibility of seeing what other users are doing.

When we talk about applications like WhatsApp, we can easily see if these people are online or even typing. But is that something we can see on Viber? See below what you can see a person's activity in this application.

How to know if someone else is chatting on Viber right now

If someone else is chatting on Viber

You can see a person's statuses in Viber, whether they are active or not. But it is not possible to see if this person is chatting or by talking to another person in particular. There are services that promise to see this, but generally they are all malicious services full of viruses.

However, if there is a way to see if a person is online at that moment in Viber, that is, if they have the application open. This can give you an idea if he is talking to someone else or not. To see it, you need to do this process:

  • Start by opening the Viber app. If the app is open in a conversation, sign out.
  • Now go to the device Chat at the bottom of the screen.
  • Here you can see all the chats you have opened. Select one of the conversations.
  • Now, at the top of the screen you will be in degree of check when was the last time that person was online if they don't have the app open; or it will just tell you if it's online.

How to know if someone else is chatting on Viber right now

Use the contact menu to see if anyone is online

If for some reason the previous step is a bit cumbersome, you can do it through your contact list in this way:

  1. Again, enter the application and exit a conversation if you have it open.
  2. Now, you need to select the button Contact Us you have at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Here you will be able to see all the contacts you have on Viber. Search for which you want to know if it is online or not.
  4. When you find a contact, select them and you can see that at the top of the screen it says if they are online or when was the last time they were online.

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