How to know if someone has entered my Instagram - Last visits

One of the ways this application has to alert you to a irregular access it is through an email that will send you. Next, you will learn to recognize if someone has entered your Instagram account without your permission or if irregular logins have been recorded.

How to know if someone has entered my Instagram

Currently, social networks have become an easy target for hacking or theft of information and then used in criminal actions. This is because most people set passwords that are weak or very easy for hackers to crack. However, we can easily create a strong password to protect our account.

Furthermore, it happens that the Instagram users enter the same email password to access their account. So when one account is hacked, it is easy for all of them to access, as they have the same passwords.

For this reason it will be convenient for you to know if someone has entered your Instagram account, moreover, it is very easy to know. These are the steps you will follow to know when and from where they entered your Instagram.

  1. The first thing you should do is enter your instagram from your pc or mobile.
  2.  After logging in, check in your Instagram account which email you have registered on the platform.
  3. Then enter your email and in the search icon you will enter "Instagram".
  4. Then you will check all the emails you have received from Instagram and if you see one that says new login, open it. There you will see when they entered your Instagram, from which device and from which country they entered without your permission.

Remember that you have to be very vigilant, because sometimes it happens to enter Instagram from a public place or from a relative's computer. As this is not normal, Instagram links it to irregular login and will send you a message to the email you registered.

If you have noticed that the last few logins were not made by you, the best thing you can do is change your login password. You can also protect your Instagram app with a password to prevent third parties from accessing your mobile.

How to know if someone has entered my Instagram - Last visits

How to change my Instagram login password?

If you want to change your Instagram login password because you are suspicious unauthorized access, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the email in which you verified that someone had entered your Instagram without having authorized it. Then select the section that says "If it was you, ignore this message, otherwise change your password to protect your account".
  2. If you are using your mobile, it will ask you with which application you want to make that request. Among the options that will be presented to you, you will select Instagram and its application will open, which you will surely have installed on your phone.
  3. Then, you will see a window where you will see your profile photo, your account name and a section for your new password. Enter a long password that will be secure and then repeat it on the next line.
  4. Finally, accept and you will have your new password to log into your Instagram. Don't forget that when you change your password, you will have to re-enter it on all devices on which you have logged in automatically.

A recommendation to have a good password is to insert at least 5 numeric catheters, 5 letters and at least 2 symbols. Also, it should have uppercase characters and all of these interleaved, that way it will be impossible for hackers to steal again the your password. Likewise, you can check if your password is secure with Google Password Checkup.

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How to know if someone has entered my Instagram - Last visits

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