How to know if someone is online on Tinder

How to know if someone is online on Tinder

A while ago we published an article that explained the best ways and strategies to start a conversation on Tinder successfully and without having to die trying. Now, and in the following article, called: How to know if someone is online on Tinder, we want to clarify and explain, one of the concerns that most generates uncertainty when interacting or interacting with other people on Tinder and which consists of -in one way or another-, to know if a contact with whom you are matched is connected to Tinder and in this way, to be able to chat online on Tinder, to know if they have read our messages or, unfortunately, to realize that they are not very interested in chatting and spending their own.

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How to tell if someone is online on Tinder [Clarification]

Firstly and to save you time searching for an answer to this concern and dislike, we must categorically clarify that -as yet- there is no resource or tool in Tinder or outside of it, that allows you to know if someone is online on Tinder or not so much in the basic or standard version as also in its version of Tinder Gold or Plus.

Now, and yet, there are some palliative or life-saving details that may determine to a greater extent that someone you've had Match this with online or, who has been online since the last conversation they had on Tinder and which we'll describe below, pay close attention to these.

Check if someone is online or not on Tinder [Conversation thread]

Keeping an eye on someone's conversation thread the moment you send a message can be revealing and determine if someone is on Tinder. To do this, they just need to send a captivating message inviting that user to reply on Tinder and they will be able to realize that they are connected, if soft gray ellipsis appear at the bottom of the conversation.

This means that the person is at that very moment online on Tinder, that they have read your message but that beyond that, they are typing or writing a reply that will most likely appear in a few seconds or perhaps for some strange reason.reason, for e does not send it.

However, and despite what was previously announced, there is a real possibility that the person receiving the Tidner message is online, but is not paying attention to messages, is busy, has many messages from other users to reply to, or is not interested in you. a lot or does not want to answer right now, anything can be.

Check if someone was online or not on Tinder [Photos & Description]

On the other hand, and with some observation, they will be able to find out if a person has been online simply by accessing their Tinder profile and verifying that it is the same or if they have modified or updated it.

This means, in practical terms, that they should check that user's photos to see if they are the same as they had, if I add or delete any, as well as if I change the description, link or remove their favorite Instagram or Spotify song. .

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If something has changed, they will be able to verify that that person has been online on Tinder and in case, that Tinder user's profile is the same, they will not be able to know with this review if they have been online since the last time they chatted or less, they will remain in doubt… But this can be clarified with the resource below.

But be careful, it is one thing to have entered Tinder and updated some things on your profile and quite another to enter and check the Messages section in Tinder, although it is unlikely that this will not happen… But well, if you want to know if they happen to you you will need to send them a message that contains a popular opener inviting them to reply and start or resume a conversation, such as:

I have to tell you a secret, but I don't know if I should… Can I trust you?

Finally, dealing with these details can clarify this article a little more: how to know if someone is being approached on Tinder and what's more, with some speculation and judgment you will be able to determine if they are interested in you, good luck.

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