How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person

How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person

Searching for people on Facebook it's a relatively simple task that can take a few seconds or, in some cases, minutes. However, some doubts, suspicions, and great curiosity about seeing more than one person's Facebook profile in search results may arise in this process. Well, stop suffering! In the following article, titled: How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person, we will give a battery of methods to solve this curious mess that has them intrigued, going from the most logical and discretionary to the boldest, mischievous and direct that will give them the answer you have been craving… Sit back and check out all the methods (the last ones are the best ).

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How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person · [Method n. 1]

The first method of knowing if two Facebook profiles are the same person is quite simple to perform and they have certainly already done it, but it is necessary to register it so that they apply it incisively. This method consists in entering that or those Facebook profiles and making an analysis » terminator type » of the different aspects or points that those profiles can offer and that we will detail so that they can "connect the dots" and get closer to the truth.

Terminator Analysis [Public and Private Profiles]

In this first analysis, they must enter the Facebook account in question and review the following.

  • Public or private Facebook profile: they will have to see if it is a public Facebook profile or a private Facebook profile. Having clarified this, they will be able to have a lot of information about the profile if it is public and which we will detail below and if it is a suspiciously private profile, they will only have the profile photo, the cover photo, the name and it is possible that the buttons to add friends or send messages (making this analysis a little more difficult but with the methods below you will be able to solve it, check it out).
  • Profile photo and Facebook cover: In these photos, you should pay close attention whether you have any relationship with the person (if it is the one in the photos) or, if these photos also denote your likes, concerns or interests, whether they are updated photos or look very old.

You should know here that some people with a lot of free time create an anonymous profile on Facebook with the same photos or others pretending to be that person and the truth is that this often happens with people who may be attractive or relatively popular.

On the other hand, and no less important, there are people who actually have another Facebook account that is more personal and private, or it is a Facebook account that they have forgotten and somehow abandoned, all this they must analyze and evaluate point by point. , as a whole and in its proper measure to bind the ends.

Terminator Type Analysis [Public Profiles]

If the Facebook profile they are analyzing is public, fortunately they will be able to review and analyze other points which, in addition to the previous ones, will allow them to get closer to the truth and some of these are the following.

  • Updates: Here, they will need to check if that profile is relatively up to date with some sort of post. If it has not been updated for a long time, many months or years, it can indicate with greater certainty that perhaps it is not from that person and is from someone who at some point created that profile or, was abandoned or forgotten by that person, this data or point adds.
Last post was over 1 year ago.
  • Published material: At this point, the content that was posted to that suspicious Facebook account should be checked. If content is missing or this content is not related to the tastes or interests of the person in question, it is possible that you find a fake Facebook account.
  • Gallery: as in the previous point, you should check if you have published photos, if you don't have them, if they are old photos or if they are generic photos that are not related to the person, all these data should be entered » the juicer » and analyzed with common sense together to the other points.
  • Friends: this section or point can be essential to find the answer you are looking for. If the person has no friends, it is something rare and it could be a fake or forgotten Facebook account for that person, if they have few friends and these do not coincide with the circle of friends they really have, then they could be facing a fake account and finally, if those friends coincide with their friendship or family group, they can already be sure that this Facebook profile belongs to that person.

  • Interaction: Another point worth highlighting and analyzing here is the interaction of that Facebook profile and the people who interact with it. If that Facebook profile has little or no social interaction and in addition to that it comes from unknown people (comments, likes) they will be able to approach the idea that it is not a Facebook of that person and conversely if it has interaction and also coincides with the mindset or taste of the person, the people who interact are acquaintances will be in front of another Facebook of that person. last message
  • Details: the next point can be the definition and consists in ticking the section or box " Details » of that Facebook profile. Well, in this box they will be able to find valuable data such as where they live, sentimental situation or in which they work and if this coincides with the person, they will find themselves in front of their other Facebook, but if this does not coincide they may be a little more suspicious of this Facebook profile.
  • Information: another point that we cannot overlook here is the » About » section of your Facebook profile. Going to the About section, you can compare and analyze different information about the user, his likes, following artists, liked movies or books and so on, many other things that should check and see if they really match the person and this, they will be able to add a grain of sand to the search for the answer: it is another Facebook profile of that person.

According to what is deduced in this analysis » type terminator «, they will be able to discern with greater precision whether or not two Facebook profiles belong to the same person. In case that still doesn't get you close to the answer, you can review the methods below so you can know the truth (we guarantee it here).

How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person [Method No. 2]

This second method to find out if two Facebook profiles are the same person is quite useful when the first method does not give certainties or clear information and consists in using intermediaries to arrive at the answer… That is, and in other words, they must use contacts in (friends or perhaps relatives) or contacts of that person to perform the following tasks (discretionary and indirect) which will allow them with a "terminator type" analysis and some social skill to find what they are looking for.

The first task is to enter the profiles of friends you have in common with that person and, on the other hand, enter the public profiles of that person's friends or contacts on Facebook and analyze them » type of terminator » which consists of finding out if that profile appears in the “Friends” section of all profiles they can review.

Also in this activity, it will be necessary to review the interaction of the profiles of your friends that you have in common as well as that person's friends who have a public profile. Here they should review comments, reactions and tags, it is possible that they can find that profile that interacts especially in their closest circle… It seems a bit exhausting and cheeky, but it had to be recorded in this analysis » terminator type «.

One final task here, and which may be the key you're looking for to unlock this door to the truth, is to interact with a mutual friend or perhaps family member, via Facebook or directly (in person), and ask them in good words, about whether that that Facebook profile belongs to that person, social skills, a certain audacity and good rudeness are required to get what they are looking for.

Note No. 1: It should be noted that this question or concern that they or those friends or relatives will ask should be done in good conditions, in a certain context and trust, as well as to contacts who believe they can get an answer and what they express, can simply denote curiosity or , for example, concern that you may have a fake profile on Facebook.

If with these tasks or with this method they do not reach the goal, they will be able to advance further with the next method which is much more direct, but also something more daring and "twisted", suitable only for the brave.

How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person [Method No. 3]

The third method of finding out if two Facebook profiles are the same person is quite bold, somewhat mischievous and requires some preliminary work, as well as innate skill and cunning to achieve the goal and know the truth to a greater extent.

To perform this method, you need to create a second Facebook account (if you don't have one) and here you can choose to create an anonymous account or another Facebook account with your real identity (you should think very carefully about it) and once you have it they have, you have the option to go to that Facebook profile and send them a friend request but also, and much better, it would be to send them an intelligent and intelligent message that can be answered and clarify this intrigue for them.

For example, if they do it from an anonymous Facebook they can say hello and tell them they were classmates from school or college that he was really childhood friends with or from a certain place:

Hi Jorge, long time! I still remember the jokes you used to make at the Colegio San Agustín, are you still the same? Do you remember me?

They are likely to read the message and, seeing that it doesn't match, respond with information that may be relevant and decisive. You can say that you didn't go to that school and that you confused it, with that you will have the answer and if you need to you can ask more questions, elaborating the question with some data that will bring you closer to your answer.

Really!! Let's see, I'm confused… Didn't you go to that school? We used to go together with skinny Gonzalo, do you remember him?

It is true that this method is a bit bold and to say the least cheeky, but at the same time it can be a quite accurate method when they have little information about that Facebook profile, they are curious and want to do it without showing their identity if they do it from a profile anonymous.

Now, if this method was too bold or for one reason or another, it didn't give you the answer you expected, you can move on to the next method, which is already much more direct, you'll save time and get out of doubt right away .

How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person [Method No. 4]

A final method to find out if two Facebooks belong to the same person is to do it in a much more direct way but also, and not least, with good verbal (written) skills that will lead them to the clear and concise answer they are looking for.

What they have to do is communicate via Facebook Messenger with that person in their supposedly main account, stating here that they have seen a fake Facebook profile of that person, attaching a link or link and asking if that profile should be reported and with that, they they will get a text from that person clarifying things for them.

If they feel that your message will not be answered or answered by that person on Facebook, they can comment on a post that person has made in their supposedly main profile and it is possible here that they reply or one of their other contracts does (it is much more indiscreet , but it can work).

Finally, you have the option of reporting this alleged identity theft on Facebook to a close friend or family member you know so that they inform them of that person and it is very likely that they will intercede for you and by doing so they will clarify that this is indeed a fake profile or, indeed, of another Facebook account of that person who finally has the answer with a little ingenuity and social skills to search for an answer.

Finally, in this article: How to know if two Facebook profiles are the same person solves a recurring question with different methods when you want to know if a person has multiple Facebook accounts, good luck.

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