How to know if you are on someone's best friends list on Instagram

Are you intrigued because you are not sure if you belong on this list? don't worry, the truth is it's very easy to know if you are in or not someone special's list. In any case, carefully read all the information we have prepared for you to find out if you are on someone else's best friends list.

How to know if you are on someone's best friends list on Instagram

What's the best friends list?

There has been a lot of talk about this Instagram list over the last year, it's a fun way to see the type of relationship we have with other people and the trust that exists. However, what is the list of best friends?

The Best Friends list on Instagram is nothing more than a space where we can integrate those people we trust. Using this list is possible share content that only they will see, that's why it's called the best friends list.

In any case, it is not possible to find out whether we are on the list other people's best friends, right? In this place we have the answer, please read the following information carefully to find out more.

How to know if you are on someone's best friends list on Instagram

The process for find out if you belong to the Best Friends list it is not difficult, indeed it is extremely simple. Either way, that's not something you might know right away, as there's no specific function that directly shows it.

In any case, don't worry because sooner or later you will find out if you are on this precious list. The way we can find out is essentially through stories, where i are shown content related to Best Friends.

  1. To know if you belong on this list, you need to be very aware of the stories that are posted. In relation to that, remember that you can see Instagram Stories from your PC as well.
  2. Stories posted by those who have joined a Best Friends list will look different than other Stories. You will easily recognize them as they will be shown surrounded by a green circle.
  3. Likewise, you can confirm that it is in fact one of these stories pressing on it. Once the story is displayed, Best Friends will appear at the top right of the screen to confirm that you actually belong to this type of list.

Anyone can add you to their best friend lists, in turn you can also add these people who have you on their lists to your personal list. If you are interested in knowing, read the information we will present below.

How to know if you are on someone's best friends list on Instagram

Add who you have best friends

You can also add people to the list of best friends on Instagram, the truth is that the process is simple, to do it follow these steps, but remember that if you have any doubts you can visit the guide in the previous link to see more details information.

  1. To easily add a person who has you as a best friend, even to your list, you just have to open that story in which Best Friends is shown above.
  2. Click on this button, you will easily recognize it because it is surrounded by a green rectangle. Once pressed there, several options will appear, the one you are interested in is Add to… to your list.
  3. After clicking Add… to your list, this person will be one of the best friends. Therefore, all the publications you do for it selected group will appear there too.

Clearly these are friends, so we recommend that you also invite your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram and if they are close people, you can add them to yours too. "best friends".

Even so, if you want to add people to your account from the previous platform, you will need to link your Instagram account with Facebook, a process that will be useful not only for this, but for many other procedures.

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