How to know my Facebook account ID

How to know my Facebook account ID

Undoubtedly, anyone with a Facebook account has a user identifier associated with their account called «ID» and which is composed of a numeric string. Now, many people don't know what their Facebook ID is and they don't know where to look for it, or where to find the ID of a Facebook profile or page itself… But don't worry, in Practical Resources we have prepared a special guide on how to know my facebook account id or that of another person and even a Facebook Page ID so they can easily find and serve it when they need it.

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What is Facebook ID and what is it for?

The Facebook ID is a string of numbers associated with a Facebook account, but does not identify the person or the Facebook user. By the way, Facebook IDs are also present in pages that have been created in this social network and in this way a user has his own Facebook ID and the page he created and manages has the respective Facebook ID (they are not the same).

  • Now, one of the benefits of knowing your Facebook ID is that it can allow you to enter or access your Facebook account. Yes, in fact, they will be able to write your Facebook ID in exchange for entering their email or telephone number in the box where they are asked to log in and in the other box, they will enter their respective password and then click on Log in and log in without no problem. Something that we had explained to you in a previous article and that you can review in detail.
  • A Facebook account ID can allow a person to add a button on a website or blog that they have through the use of a social plug-in so that people who visit your site can follow you on Facebook if they have an account and they want it to allow them to have a connection with those people.

In general, these are the two most interesting features to find out the ID of a Facebook account, but there are also other features that Facebook and application developers can use to improve your Facebook experience.

Next, I leave you two very good solutions that will help you when you wonder, how to know my Facebook account ID or that of another person? Sure, it will work for you.

How to know my Facebook account ID | Solution no. 1: Raw URL

The first option or solution will basically allow you to know the ID in those user accounts (yours or someone else's) where the profile URL has not been customized or changed, because in this URL without the modification by the user would be exactly the ID Find out below if this applies to you.

First of all, they must log in or enter the Facebook cover to be able to access their Facebook with the corresponding data. In other words, they will enter the email associated with their Facebook account and its password in the respective boxes and after that, they will click on the button that says «Log in«.

With the previous click, they open the Timeline of their Facebook account and then here they have to go to their profile page by clicking on your name which appears in the blue bar above or their name which also appears above all the options which are on the left side of the web version (see attached image) or, they will enter the Facebook profile whose ID you want to know.

Once you are on your Facebook profile page, you should pay close attention to the URL that appears in the address bar of the browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or other).

Well, an important part of Facebook users presents a URL that includes in its final part, a numeric string like that of the previous attached image, namely: «id = 1000543744643» well, these numbers would be the “ID” of that Facebook account and this solution would work for them.

Note no. 1 | By the way, not only will you find this » ID » on the main page of a Facebook account, but you can also find it in the URL of each of the photos that have been uploaded to your Facebook account.

Well this is one of the ways that can be done for search or find a Facebook account ID. However, it is not the only option and only serves - as already mentioned - to know the ID of Facebook profiles where the URL has not been modified or customized, which many users do and could not be used, but despite this , the solution that I will tell you below, will serve you for this type of case where this numeric string does not appear, be careful.

How to know my Facebook account ID | Solution no. 2: URL changed

The second solution or option, will allow them to know the id of their Facebook account or any person presenting a custom URL or where it is not, the numeric string as in the solution described above and for this they must enter the source code of the profile or of the page in question and although this may seem cumbersome or complex, it is not at all and it will be very easy for you to find the ID of your Facebook or someone with this option, let's do it.

Like the previous option, you need to access the Facebook cover and then log in by entering the associated email or phone number and its password, then click on the «Log in«.

Once in your Facebook Timeline, you must go to the profile page of your Facebook account as in the previous procedure or, search and enter the profile of the user whose ID you need to know.

Once on the profile page of that Facebook account (yours or someone else's), you can see that the URL is suitably customized and instead of the ID or numeric string, usually a username appears and in case , from this example: «Daniela. salazar.1«.

Well, now they can press the «ctrl + u» or they will have to point the mouse cursor on a light blue part of the Facebook profile page and after, click the right mouse button so that a menu with some options will appear and then, they will click the left mouse button on the option, which says: «View page source code«.

With the previous click, a new page will open in the browser they are using for this (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or whatever) and they will be able to see all the source code of that Facebook profile page.

Well, in this real alphabet soup of numbers and rare characters you will find the ID of that Facebook account and to be able to find it easily, you will have to press the «Ctrl + f» at the same time or and if you use Firefox, you can click on the three horizontal bars (top right) so that a window appears and click on «Search this page» and if you are using Chrome, click on the three dots (upper right corner) and in the drop-down menu that appears, click on the option «Search for…«

With the above action, a small window will open. In Firefox it appears at the bottom and in Chrome it appears at the top right. Well, in this window a box appears in which you have to write inside it, this: «fb:» and then, click on «Submit» so that the browser finds and shows where these fonts appear in this big font soup.

Hopefully, they will appear in a part of the source code page where these characters can be seen in color or highlighted. If you look closely and move the cursor from the bottom, a little to the right, you can see that it's accompanied like this «fb://profile/666040938» Well, the very number that appears at the end is the ID of that Facebook account, that's all.

Finally, with this article titled: how to know my facebook account id is clarified, the ways to find the ID of a Facebook profile and as you have seen, it is not difficult at all.

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