How to know the series you've watched on Netflix

How to know the series you've watched on Netflix

Did you know about Netflix there is a section where you can see your history of series you've been seeing for a long time? It's probably unknown to you, but it exists and you can access this section whenever you want to remember what content you've recently watched.

Sometimes our friends or family ask us for advice for a series or movie that we recently on Netflix and we don't remember, so this section of each user's account can come in handy to recover memory and write down what we saw.

The option isn't very hidden, although it's hidden enough that I don't realize this possibility exists, from now on then you can consult it whenever you want remind yourself or other people which series or movies you have recently watched.

What you have to do is access Netflix from the web and log in with your data, then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Access the «Profile and Parental Control» settings of your account.

  1. So go to the "activity view" option and click on «view».

  1. You will now be able to see all of your activity within Netflix, in this case you will see all the content you have watched on the computer reflected from newest to oldest dates as you scroll down the page.

There will come a time when the list stops in one place, but you can continue viewing the content if you do click on the «Show more» button. If you wish, you can download this list of movies and series you've watched by clicking on "download all", which will generate a file in CSV format that you can open in Microsoft Excel.

Keep something in mind if you don't log into Netflix for more than 10 months, you will probably not see this list with what you saw because the account that was not accessible during that period will have been considered inactive and, therefore, will not show this information..

Not only will you be able to see the history of series and movies you've recently viewed, but if you have other profiles you can do the same to see what you've looked at on those accounts too, a handy option Netflix in some cases, as we have already told you, you have commented.

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