How to Know Who Follows Me on Facebook: Steps and Tips!

How to Know Who Follows Me on Facebook: Steps and Tips!

Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world, becoming one of the platforms to share with family and friends that has more users. Also through it you can share, meet and make new friends. And that is why we bring you this post, where you will find out how to know who follows you on facebook quickly and easily.

There can be so many friends that you have added to this social network that it can be difficult for you to know which of them is following you and who is not. In this post we will show you how to know who follows you on Facebook with a very simple explanation and thus know each of your followers.

How to know who follows you on Facebook?

Who has not been curious to know who follows you on the social network Facebook. Even if you have already made the settings we provided above, that doesn't mean you can't check and see who your followers are. To find out who is following you, do the following:

1- Check your followers through your phone

The social network Facebook has two types of applications (excluding Messenger) which are: Facebook App e Facebook Lite. They have different processes for seeing who your followers are; the former is easier and simpler than the latter:

1-Facebook App

Let's start with the simplest Facebook app:

1- Open your Facebook application

2- If you are not logged in, do so

3- The menu is located at the top right, symbolized by three bars, click on it.

4- Log into your profile clicking (it is usually the first in the list).

5- Locate the button that says: Information and click on it

6- A list will appear where you can see your information. This includes a section with the number of followers.

7- Click on this option and see what people are following you.

2- They are Facebook Lite

The second is Facebook Lite. Although the process is a bit tedious, many users prefer it because it is lighter and faster than the previous one. Here are the steps you need to follow to get to know your followers:

1- Log in and make sure you have good internet access

2- Go to the menu represented by three horizontal lines located in the right corner and click.

3- Go to the section Settings

4- Locate the key icon, right next to it is the option: «Access your information». Enter.

5- In this section you can access the information that the platform has about you. These include the « People/Pages you follow and your followers».

6- When you click, a window with two options will appear.

7- Click on: followers.

8- You will immediately get a list, with all the people who have started following you sorted by date.

2- Check your followers from your computer

If you prefer to access from your computer, knowing who follows you is much easier and faster. If you know what your public username is, you just need to do one thing:

1- Go su (type your username here) /followers. And ready your followers will appear.

Also for the rest it is not difficult, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website
  2. Just below the Facebook symbol you will see your profile name. click on it
  3. Already in your profile click on: Friends
  4. Look on the left side of your friends search engine, you will see the option » Other«
  5. Clicking on it will bring up a list
  6. Select your followers and see who are the people who follow you on this social network

Are a follower and a friend on Facebook the same thing? What is the difference?

The answer to this question is very simple, both are different. Just like you follow famous celebrities or artists on social networks without needing to be friends. Which means other people can do the same to you. Therefore, they can see your posts without having to send you a friend request.

Just as they can see your posts and follow you, they can also unfollow you. This is an option available to all Facebook users, including you. When you decide to follow someone, you don't get any kind of notification, something is very different if you have added them as a friend.

If you want to follow someone, go to their profile, click on the dropdown menu and press Follow. If instead what you want is to unfollow him, press where he says stop to follow him; this way you will no longer see your posts in your news feed.

When you receive a friend request from someone and you decide to decline it without blocking it, this person will automatically start follow you. In case you don't want this to happen, you need to change the settings so that no one but your friends can follow you. To change the setting, do the following:

1- In the right corner of the Facebook main page is the menu, click on Settings.

2- On the left side you will see a section called Public Messages, enter there.

3- In the option: Who can follow me, you will define whether you want people who are not your friends to be able to follow you or not.

4- If you want people other than your friends to be able to see your posts, select Public.

5- But if it's the other way around and you want only your friends to be able to follow you, choose Friends.

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