How to know who is behind a Facebook profile

How to know who is behind a Facebook profile

You will learn to know who is behind a Facebook profile. You have received a "strange" friend request on Facebook, a person you don't know and, before accepting his request, you rightly want to know who he is, how he arrived at your profile, why he decided to ask for your friendship.

What to do? How to know who is behind a Facebook profile?

In the following paragraphs we will give you some "advice" which will undoubtedly be useful for find out who is behind a Facebook profile. Of course, I cannot guarantee that you will always be able to to find the truth name and surname of the user who created a profile (if this is really fake, of course), but after reading this guide, you should at least be able to get an idea of how to identify profiles from which it would be better to stay away.

Tips for discovering a fake Facebook profile

Do you suspect that the Facebook profile of a user who has recently contacted you on the famous social network is fake?

Let me give you some tips to discover a fake facebook profile. Even if, as I told you in the introduction, it is not possible to be absolutely sure reasonable doubt that the profile of the user in question is really fake, you can at least shed some light and make sure that your suspicions are founded… or not.

Check your profile information

Analyzing profile information is one of the first things I encourage you to do if you want to try to find fake Facebook accounts.

Perhaps you could start with the profile picture: if the "suspicious" user he hasn't set one, obviously he wants to hide his identity and not show his face.

This could suggest that your name is fake as well.

If, on the other hand, the profile photo is present, I advise you to verify the source of the photo, perhaps using Google's reverse image search function, as he may have used one from the Internet (perhaps that of another Google user). Facebook).

If from your «surveys» you discover that the profile picture of the user in question is used on one or more Facebook profiles or other social accounts that have different names than the profile you are monitoring, it is probably a fake account.

You can try to do the same with respect to any other as well posted image by the user on their profile.

If there are some that portray other people, check if they have been tagged by them and, if so, also check that the faces of the users in question really correspond to real profiles and not to fake accounts, created simply to deceive you.

Analyze published posts

Also, analyzing the posts that have been made can help you understand if a profile is real or fake.

Who creates profile fake usually does not have the patience to work for weeks or even months to make it more credible and, therefore, is often characterized by a large number of posts published within days or even hours of their creation.

In this sense, I advise you to «verify» the information that you have just collected on the profile photos: if these have also been recently updated, perhaps on the same date on which the «suspicious» posts were published, if so, think that the account in question is fake.

Furthermore, in the analysis of publications made, I invite you to also pay attention to the presence (or absence) of reactions and shares that each publication has obtained.

If it is a account falsoposts are likely to have little or no interaction. It must be admitted, however, that this last "hint" should be taken with caution, since it could simply be an unpopular or inactive user on the social network.

Check your friends list

Some criminals, in an attempt to make their profile look real, create other fake accounts to "inflate" him with ad hoc friend lists. That's why I invite you to review the so-called "friends" of the "suspect" user (provided that the friends list is visible and has not been hidden).

Then click on user profile names friends of the user in question and try to understand if they are real users or not. If most of these profiles appear to be fake, the “suspicious” profile is probably fake as well.

Scan private messages

One of the easiest ways to understand whether a Facebook profile is real or not is to analyze the private messages that the user may have sent you on Messenger.

If the profile in question has sent you several messages containing links and invitations when purchasing products or services, be careful: a spammer or even a scammer could be hiding behind the account. It would be better to ignore the messages without pressing the received links and eradicate them.

Among other things that should make you suspicious when analyzing a user's messages are those that contain questions formulated for the sole purpose of collect sensitive information about you or your family.

Some, before doing so, cleverly try to establish a friendly relationship with theirs potential victim and once they've won their trust, they try to get the information they're looking for.

I advise you: try to stay away from those who invite you to do the above, especially if they ask you to provide particularly intimate information, as they could use it for blackmail purposes. The rule " don't talk to strangers» is always valid!

Find out who is behind a Facebook profile

As I have already told you from the beginning, even if you scrupulously follow the indicazioni that I have given you in this guide, it is not possible to be absolutely sure that a Facebook profile is fake, nor to know who it really belongs to.

The only way to find out who is behind a Facebook profile is to ask the user directly, hoping he doesn't lie about his real identity!

If there is a cybercriminal, scammer, spammer, etc. behind a profile, they will hardly prove it to you. However, you can try using a method that, even if "handmade", could be effective.

You can ask the person in question to provide you evidence proving his true identity. Do you want me to give you an example to better understand the point? Ask the “suspect” person to send you a photo holding a piece of paper with their first and last name written on it (by hand, of course) and a date and time that you set (for example, Name Surname, Thursday December 25th, 15:35 pm).

If the user in question sends you the requested material without problems and in a short time, obviously his account is real. If, on the other hand, he apologizes by saying that he cannot give you the proof you are looking for, it is clear that it is a fake profile (or, in any case, someone who has every interest in not revealing his identity).

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