How to know who visits my Tumblr using Google Analytics. Very easy!

Although Tumblr has a source integrated statistics in its platform, it does not offer specific data that may also be needed by blog owners.

Knowing the information about who visits your Tumblr page can help you in a number of ways. Especially if it's in your best interest to increase revenue by a huge margin or to know how many and who are following your account.

Therefore, linking your blog address to tools like Google can help you improve several aspects of the website. In order to vary the content and increase the interaction between the page and viewers.

Use Google Analytics to find out who visits your Tumblr page

The analytical tool created by the company Google has been working for about a decade at the mercy of the community that requests its services.

When this portal was designed and developed by its programmers, it was done with the simple purpose of helping those without resources. Those who could not afford the requests for pages or programs that offered their services through high costs.

How to know who visits my Tumblr using Google Analytics. Very easy!

Likewise, there was also the problem that those offering similar results for free they were not distinguished by quality or efficiency.

That's why Google has decided to intervene in this regard, and through its offers (which are also free) has managed to advertise this server. Server that gives the best results to those who link their web pages to their functions.

How to connect your Tumblr blog?

Google Analytics offers many services to let you know who visits your Tumblr page, as well as to know what kind of interaction they do within the site.

To establish the synchronization between the two it will be necessary to start by entering the official website and accessing it with the same account data from the Google platform.

The main page shows a button » Add a webpage profile ". Clicking on it will take you to a new window showing "Add a profile for a new domain" as the main option.

By domain, you mean the name or URL of your Tumblr blog. This is what you need to enter in the form requesting this information.

How to know who visits my Tumblr using Google Analytics. Very easy!

After completing it by clicking on "Finish", the screen will show an encrypted format with the words " Paste this code on your website ". You have to select it in its entirety and copy it to the clipboard.

The last step to complete linking your blog to Google Analytics is to go to your Tumblr page and press the "Customize" button.

Within the «Information» section there is the "Description" box, where you need to paste the code provided by Google. If you already have text in that box, you just need to paste it under it, then click "Save".

What can you do after completing the steps?

Once you have completed all the above steps, you will be able to see who visits your Tumblr page, accompanied by other very useful details as well.

Google Analytics reports and statistics include data such as the number of visitors, the browsers they use, the countries of origin, the time spent on the pages, the most visited publications, among others.

Through this information you can take actions on your site. So that the best page content and thus attract more users to your blog. You can also try changing the Tumblr theme and adapting another one.

Likewise, these changes will help these people stay longer on your blog, start following it, and engaging with its content.

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