Who hasn't gossiped about the someone else's WhatsApp profile? And is that the human being is rather curious, the one to see the photo, the WhatsApp statuses and connection hours of other people, we love it! And is that you can get many information about us through our WhatsApp profile. Therefore, it is logical that sometimes I would like know who looks at my whatsapp.

And it is that in fact we would like to know that specific people usually visit our profile but not only that of WhatsApp if not also that of Facebook. For example, we usually like to know who removed us from Facebook, among other things.

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For this, from Green Android we are going to answer one of the questions you have asked yourself on more than one occasion… Who is looking at my WhatsApp profile? .


Being honest and realistic in answering your question about «who looks at my whatsapp», let me tell you that at the at the moment it is impossible to know… at least in total safety.

And is that when you download WhatsApp one thing we can be sure of is that no one will read our contacts (at least someone other than Facebook) and obviously no one will know if they are haunting your WhatsApp profile.

And is that WhatsApp does not stop updating and adding new functions to its users but believe me, who looks at my whatsapp it's not one of them.

Who looks at my WhatsApp profile 2022

So you're telling me it's not possible to know? Well, the truth is, there is an application to know who is watching my whatsapp.

Application to know who is watching my WhasApp

There is an application to know in general terms who watches my whatsapp on android. I have to point out that this app won't tell you 100% but as I've seen it's quite right.

How this works program to know who is watching my WhatsApp, while it's not foolproof, it's effective because it works with algorithms to predict the behavior of your contacts.

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Tracker for WhatsApp

Tracker per WhatsApp is the name of this one app to know who looks at my whatsapp. You can download it for free from the following link:

  • Link to Google Play

I must add its a fremium app and its advertising is a bit heavy but it does its job.

Well, now that you know the answer to your question, who watches my WhatsApp 2022, can you leave me a comment? You also help me a lot if you share this content with your social networks.

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