How to listen to Youtube with the screen off Easy

How to listen to Youtube with the screen off Easy

YouTube is a media platform that users use for entertainment whether to watch videos of our favorite YouTuber, play music, keep up with the news, etc. However, one of the things that can frustrate you the most as a user This is when you want to listen to YouTube with the screen off and find that it doesn't work. This is undoubtedly disappointing since if you want to play a song (as you would Spotify) you have to have the touch panel on otherwise it will not work. But don't worry that in The Power Of The Green Android we have a trick to listen to youtube screen off 2022, below we explain what you should doquick and easy step by step.

Why can't I use YouTube with the screen off?

YouTube doesn't like that you use its tool as if it were Spotify, remember that it is a subsidiary of Google and is supported by advertising so it is interested in make money by viewing ads. Why do I say this? Well, if you have the screen off you will not be able to see the ads, that's why Google has created services like YouTube Premium that will allow us to use the application in the background and with the screen off without the need to view the ads. Luckily, there is one trick to listen to YouTube screen off on Android, by below we explain how to do it.

Do I need an app to listen to YouTube with the screen off?

No, you won't need to install anything for listen to YouTube with the screen off, just use the Google Chrome browser.

How to listen to YouTube audio with screen off? 2022

play youtube music with screen off, the first thing we have to do is activate the notifications of the Google Chrome browser. To do this we need to enter "Settings" and then go on «Applications».

We will look for the application «Chrome» in the list, once located we enter inside.

Of all the options we have to insert where it says "Notifications".

play youtube with locked screen we must have the box that says «Show notifications» activated.

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How to listen to music on Youtube with lock screen 2022

use YouTube with the screen off we must access the mobile version of the platform via the Google Chrome browser via the following link:


We will know that we are in the mobile version of the platform because in the URL it will put the following address:

Once inside, we must go up to the right where the 3 vertical points.

  1. Here we have to select the section that says «Computer version».
  2. So let's get into "Settings".

On the next screen we enter where it says «Website configuration».

We log in to "Notifications".

We have to make sure that the "Notifications" section is active, otherwise we won't be able to listen to youtube audio with screen off.

How to play music on youtube with screen off 2022

Now we just have to press the button «Play» per listen to the audio, if you turn off the screen you will see how the audio stops being heardDon't worry, it's normal. For listen to YouTube with the screen off we need to do the following:

  1. We pull down the notification bar and we will see a notification from Google Chrome with video paused.
  2. We press again «Play» and listen to music while surfing or doing something else, this is where we can turn off the screen while listening to YouTube.

And this is what you have to do to listen to music on youtube screen off without installing anything 2022. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I will try to answer them. Do not forget to share this tutorial with your social networks, this would help me a lot to keep bringing articles like this.. Thank you so much!

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