How to login to facebook without email

How to login to facebook without email

Certainly most of the people who have been able to open a Facebook account access it, with their email and password in an almost automated way, but this is not the only option to be able to access Facebook… Luckily there are two others options that any user of this social network can count on to be able to enter Facebook without email and even without a phone and without major problems or inconveniences and in Practical Resources, we want to explain these two great solutions on how to login to facebook without email so you can use them when you don't want to enter your email or you forgot it, take note of this (the second solution is great).

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How to Login to Facebook Without Email | Solution no. 1

The first great solution or way to enter Facebook without email that passes -perhaps- unnoticed, due to the force of the habit of always entering email and password on Facebook and as soon as you register for the online service is, thanks to the telephone.

Well, I tell you the solution… Once you have entered the home page of the official Facebook site, you will see the fields or boxes where you usually enter your email and the respective password and so far everything is normal… Well yes If you stop for a while ' and look carefully, you will be able to read that the e-mail or telephone number is required in the first field. That is, you can use any of these options to log into Facebook.

Therefore, all people who have duly added and verified their phone number on their Facebook will be able to use this option to enter Facebook without email and to do so, simply enter the phone number correctly and without the mobile phone code associated with the Facebook account in the corresponding box and in the other, your Facebook account password and finally click on the «Log in» to enter the Timeline of your Facebook account, that's all.

Don't have a phone number added to Facebook? In this case, we advise you to add a phone number to give your account greater security and to do so we explained it in a previous guide that we will provide you with here, so that you can correctly associate a phone number with your Facebook account and have option that can be of great help, review the guide here … >>

How to Login to Facebook Without Email | Solution no. 2

In case you don't have a phone number associated with it and also don't want to have one, then we can tell you about a great solution on how to enter facebook without email and without mobile number… get to it!

Well, every person who has a Facebook account has an ID. What is this? The ID is an identification number that Facebook assigns to each person who creates an account on this social network and is known as that person's Facebook ID. Well, this ID that every Facebook user has can be written in the mailbox where the email is entered to log in to Facebook with this excellent solution.

But where can I find my Facebook ID? If they were able to get into Facebook somehow they will be able to get their ID or, they will be able to tell a friend who can help them with this goal and which I will explain in detail below.

To find their Facebook ID they need to log into their Facebook and go to their profile page or they will ask your friend to log in to their profile page and once they are or their friend is on their profile page, you or your friend you should pay close attention to the url which you can find in the address bar of the browser you are using and then you can see a url structure like this, for example: (it's the ID assigned by Facebook when you create an account) or like this: (it's the user-created or friendly Facebook ID).

Well, the Facebook ID would be all the numbers that appear after «profile.php?id=» or the name that appears after ««. So what you should do is enter correctly and completely that ID that you or your friend who sent it to you, exactly in the box where you wrote the email and in the other box, the respective password and then , you will click on the button that says «Log in» and voila, you could open or enter Facebook without email and without a mobile number, of course, a great solution, right?

Finally, these are the two big options that matter to solve the » virtual mess » of how to log into facebook without email and then use your Facebook account. Now, there are other options for when it gets lost, other than the password which you can find by clicking on the text that says forgot password? And try to fix this Facebook login problem.

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