How to make a backup in Mac OS - Backup without programs

Making a Backup of our files has many purposes and benefits, in any case there is a question of how to do it. If you have any doubts about backing up your files, here we will try to answer these questions.

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What methods are there for backing up data?

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect our data from any eventuality or need. The truth is that the choice of one method or another responds only to the particular needs of each of the users.

How to make a backup in Mac OS - Backup without programs

Some of the more popular options for performing a backup of our files I'm:

Google Drive

Il servizio Google Drive is a cloud service designed to store your data, in other words to back up your files. It is backed by one of the largest companies in the world, which makes it a reliable platform.

Google Drive offers several options in terms of space, the most common plans are: 100GB for € 1,99 per month, 1TB for € 9,99 per month and 10TB for € 99,9 per month.


The first option for cloud backups that comes to mind when we think of Mac OS is precisely iCloud, as it is Apple's proposal to make backups over the Internet. In fact, this option isn't bad at all, as it's built into the system by default and its prices aren't bad.

Like Google Drive, iCloud offers different proposals for each user, such as: 50GB a 0,99 per month, 200GB for € 2,99 per month and 2TB for € 9,99 per month.


Another well-known proposal, which is in fact one of the first platforms to do cloud backups, is dropbox. The Dropbox platform has evolved over the years, becoming a very interesting proposal to backup your files.

In the case of the options that Dropbox offers us, we can highlight the free proposal of the platform and the 1TB one which has a value of 99,9 euros per year.

How to make a backup in Mac OS - Backup without programs

Besides the above options, there is another option to back up your files. In this case you will not need any platform, but a hard disk, SSD o hard disk esterno, we refer to backing up your files physically.

This type of backup has some advantages over cloud backup. One of the main ones is that you only have to make an initial investment and that you will always have your files available even if you don't have an internet connection.

Also, at least conventional hard drives tend to have very good prices, so in the long run you can save money and get more space. In fact, in most cases you can buy hard drives 2TB, 6TB and even more space at good prices.

How to make a backup in Mac OS - Backup without programs

Regardless of the method used for back up your files, we recommend doing this periodically to back up your information. The above methods are usually built natively into Mac OS, so you won't need any additional programs or software.

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