How to make a badge or badge in Word - it's that easy

Remember that you need to download and install Word from its official site. The program is paid, but offers the option of try it for free for one month. I recommend working with the free trial to see if you're comfortable with it. At the end, you can decide whether to buy the Office suite, or simply uninstall the software from your Windows.

It would be nice if, before following this tutorial, you had already learned the basics of using Word tools. For example, you need to know how to insert images into Word, use forms and, well, any other knowledge of the program that contributes in some way to creating a credential.

Considering all of the above, you should be more than ready to learn how to create badges and credentials using Word. It might be difficult at first, but it is a matter of familiarizing yourself with this software.

Remember these words, in a while, after experimenting with the available options, you will become a great expert in the use of the word processor of Microsoft Corporation.

How to create a badge or credential in Word?

If you've come to this guide by accident, you may not know what a badge or credential is. So, before continuing, you should understand these a little concepts, to know where we will point with the process of creating both. I assure you that you will understand this soon, because these are things that we have all seen at one time or another.

What is a badge or badge?

When we talk about these terms, we are basically referring to a badge. A small figure that contains representative elements of a person or company. Simple examples are the badges worn by soccer referees, badges, diplomas, and so on.

Representative elements can be names, logos, titles, images, and even a color scheme or pattern of some kind.

How to make a badge or badge in Word - it's that easy

Steps to follow to create my badge or credential

  1. First, we'll open a new Word document e we will insert an element or some  images. Choose between the rectangle and the "rectangle" with rounded tips. Put it in a conservative size for a badge, best long in height and rather short in width. An example of suitable measures it would be 11cm in height and 7cm in width.
  2. Clicking on the created shape will open the Format context menu. In which we have numerous tools to customize our credentials.
  3. Remember that you will manage the creation of your logo, based on the corporate image of your workplace. That is, you will use its distinctive colors, its logo and any element that makes it unique.
  4. Manage the outlines and corners of your figure by clicking on it and moving the yellow circles that appear on the edges of it.
  5. Inserisci the rectangles inside the main figure, smaller in size. This is to delimit the areas in which we want to work and make the process easier. By changing the color of the internal shapes, you will be able to generate a suitable multicolored badge.
  6. Leave a space at the top of your credential, delimited to punch after printing it. Don't put anything else on that space, as it will be punctured.
  7. Change the thickness of all shapes used to your liking. Don't just use rectangles, you can use different ones.
  8. Be creative. It is the most important thing when creating a badge. Apply all the knowledge you have gained in this and the rest of the guides.

How to make a badge or badge in Word - it's that easy

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