How to make a call or video call on Facebook Lite step by step

The way Mark Zuckerberg and his company constantly surprise us every day is impressive with new and advanced updates in their different applications that not only make them innovative products, but also make them attractive for the enjoyment of each of the applications. social network, and this time it was the turn of the lighter version loved by many "Facebook lite".

What is Facebook Lite?

We all know about the great application called Facebook, but what they don't know much about is that there is another version intended for mobile phones that have less space and much slower browsing, you could say that is a kind of "little sister" which has its privileges and its cons compared to normal Facebook.

Although this version has most of the options used by conventional Facebook, it has a much simpler design, reminiscent of the Facebook of a few years ago.

This application gets its fame mainly for the small space it requires, which is 28,33 MB, unlike the common version which requires a space of 349 MB to be installed, in addition to the space it's perfect also for browsing on mobile devices. at low speed, instantly reducing the amount of data you use from your phone company.

How to make a call or video call on Facebook Lite step by step

Due to its great success, the decision was made to create a lightweight version of Messenger, called "Messenger lite" which also has the same design features, data reduction and less memory space.

With this application we can easily write, send photos and even audio notes to our loved ones, relatives or acquaintances, it only limits the options that conventional Messenger does, including accessing different extensions and also sharing our exact location. Unfortunately for many this application is currently only available for Android devices, the version for iOS users is still planned.

Currently with the new Messenger lite update you can make video calls anywhere in the world, which makes it much more coveted by those users who have devices compatible with its characteristics. Now, in case you didn't know, here we show you how to use this new Messenger lite option.

Step by step to make video calls from scratch with Messenger Lite.

In case you haven't downloaded it, the first thing you should make sure is that you have an Android device with at least 9,3 MB of free internal memory. Once secured, the application is downloaded from the Play Store, until it is installed. If you already have it installed on your device, you just need to make sure you update to the latest version.

The next step is to enter both the username or email and the password to access your account. In case you don't have an account, you just have to register.

After that, you just need to find the chat or person you want to share the video call with and once inside the chat, you just need to go to the top right where you will find a camera. Now you just have to touch it and wait for the other person to accept our invitation.

How to make a call or video call on Facebook Lite step by step

The call will end once you or the invited person decidethis is accomplished by tapping the hang up button, which usually appears at the bottom of the screen.

What should I keep in mind now that I have the application on my device?

Please note that calls and video calls made through this application have a data consumption which is regulated by the telephone company you are subscribed to.

Not only that, it must also be taken into account that the state in which the telephone signal is located will also affect the image and sound that are reflected both in the call and in the video call, so to be able to enjoy all the options and a correct flow it is better to use a WIFI network. Finally, remember to keep your application up to date to always stay up to date.

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