How to Make a Letter of Recommendation in Word - Step by Step

A letter of recommendation it is a document that employers can create in respect of employees who will work in another company due to circumstances beyond its control and which it is up to the company to implement once the employee has secured his new job .

This time we will teach you step by step how to create a letter of recommendation in Word with simple steps and a complete guide so that no points are in doubt to be resolved so that this cover letter is very professional. If you don't have Word installed on your PC you can go to the official pages for Download the Microsoft Office 2019 package.

How to create a recommendation letter in Word?

  1. First we have to enter our text editor in this case it is Word.
  2. Inside Word with a completely blank page we need to start configuring our recommendation letter.
  3. Among the flaps that appear under our main menu we will find one that we will use to make changes to the size of our menu.
  4. "Format" within other options, we select "Configure page" and a new window appears on the screen in which we can perform the configuration.
  5. Inside the flap "Paper" we can configure the paper format that we will leave in the "Letter" option and in the flap "Margins".
  6. Let's change the right margin of the page, 2,5 is the perfect margin for this letter. We keep the vertical orientation.
  7. Let's go back to the empty letter within Power point.How to Make a Letter of Recommendation in Word - Step by Step

How to write a recommendation letter in Word?

  1. Inside the card "Start" with the basic tools of our editor we need to place the centering in the center for the title of our letter.
  2. Let's write the title of the letter and add a letter that looks elegant in a size 14 which is ideal, neither too big nor too small.
  3. We press ENTER and we go to the next line that we center on the right, in which we will write the date and place from which this letter of recommendation comes.
  4. We press ENTER again and go down to the next line where we will start writing the body of the text in our letter.
  5. We will write the text elegantly and correctly using highly professional language (see image ref.).
  6. At the end of our letter you must enter all the important information such as company name, address, name of the person in charge of writing the letter of recommendation, e-mail and a contact telephone number.
  7. Finally we have to give some aspects so that our letter is more professional, in the flap "Insert" and then in "Forms" we will choose a thin line to delimit our signature from the rest of the letter.
  8. It is important to leave empty spaces within our letter and never forget the footer with our data and those of the company.

How to Make a Letter of Recommendation in Word - Step by Step

With these steps you will be ready to write any cover letter in Word quickly and easily.

Remember that by saving the file in.DOC (Word text document) we can convert it later with a tool for convertire Word in PDF su Mac OS and that our cover letter is even more professional and can be viewed more easily. You can also save your Word and Excel files directly to Google Drive or Dropbox in so you can always have them online from any computer.

Important: it is not necessary to enter additional information about the person we are recommending in said cover letter, such as; area of ​​performance in your company, occupation of the employee, address or telephone numbers. If, on the other hand, you need to change your letter of recommendation and you don't have a computer at hand, you can easily do it editing your Word documents from your Android mobile with simple steps.

We hope this comprehensive guide will solve your doubts on how to make a cover letter with Word and that you can write it as professionally as possible.

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