How to make a video with photos and music for free

As we have pointed out, video editing is a complex process, however we can accomplish very nice videos for special circumstances in a simple way. For this or we will need tools capable of achieving this task.

Many video editors are complicated, it has a multitude of options that average users don't handle, but there are other alternatives. This time we will show you the simplest tool to use to create video with pictures and music.

Make your videos with Windows Movie Maker

Undoubtedly, all veterans know about Windows Movie Maker, which you can download for free for Windows 10 forever, as it is undoubtedly a classic Microsoft system tool. Longtime Windows users know pretty much how the application works, but don't worry if you don't know it, because you do we will show how it works.

How to make a video with photos and music for free

What is Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a software designed for video editing, through it it is possible create videos with pictures and music. It is a very useful tool for creating content in a very simple way.

The tool has been around since 2000, was introduced in Windows Me, and was also present in Windows XP. Even so, in most operating systems since that time it has not been present by default in Windows systems, but you can add it easily.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting points of Windows Movie Maker is that it allows things like making a video with photos and music for free (on a very basic level), being the quintessential tool for novice users. In this space we will teach you how to download and use the application at a basic level.

Keep in mind that this tutorial is designed specifically for computers, although on mobile devices we have the possibility of using Tik Tok to create a video with photos, videos and slides, a mobile application that is also characterized by its ease of use . Now, let's continue with this simple Movie Maker guide.

How to make a video with photos and music for free with Movie Maker

At Miracomosehace we like to make simple tutorials and this one is no exception. Follow these basic steps to make a video with pictures and music very easily:

  • Once you open the program you will notice that the interface is quite simple, in fact the process is very intuitive. Add as many photos or audiovisual material as you want into your video. To add content to the application, just click on " Click here to find videos and photos ".
  • In addition to photos, you can also add titles, for this go to the title option located in the tab main, this option is reflected in the name " Title ".
  • Once the option is open, you can write the title you want. You can add titles and organize them within the image chain.
  • When you add all the photos and titles, you will be able to organize them as you see fit, changing their order and position.

Animate your video!

  • You can animate your video through colorful transitions, for this go to the card Animations, there are many customization options, in any case we recommend that you go to the right and select the effect you like best.
  • When selecting the effect, press apply to all. This way all the content of your video will be animated. Likewise, on the right hand side you will find the Transitions, you can apply it to each of the clips in your video.
  • To add sounds with music, just press on adoption. “Add music ”Located in the upper left part of the program.
  • You can add any type of song, it will adapt to the images you have selected. In the same way you can cut the song and combine it with another one, you have absolute freedom.

Rescue and end

  • The program has many customization options, you just have to experience them. We recommend that you save the project as you go along with it.
  • Once you are satisfied with the result of the video, it is time to export it. To export the video, click Save movie, an option located in the upper right area.
  • When you click on this option, the system will ask you to choose the location, then select the place where you want to export the video and press Save.
  • Wait for the process to complete, once finished you will be able to access said file and enjoy your video.

How to make a video with photos and music for free

The previous method is one of the simplest with which it's possible create videos. The Windows Movie Maker tool is very simple to use, but it allows you to make very beautiful videos. Start using it now to create your audiovisual content.

If, on the other hand, what you want to do is a presentation, you should know that you can make a professional presentation in Prezi for free, being the most recommended option for these cases.

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