How to make book or ebook covers online for free

This new way of creating books digitally has created hundreds of followers who now write them in virtual formats. But it is well known that what catches the eye of a good book is its cover. That's why we want to show you an easy way to create book or ebook covers online for free. In relation to this article, you may also be interested in How to Extract Images from Office Documents and eBooks Completely Free.

For our tutorial, we will teach you through a very easy to use page and you can create book or ebook covers online for free. With a professional touch and applying very innovative techniques that will make you a pro in digital book cover design, let's get started without further ado.

How to make book or ebook covers online for free

How to make book or ebook covers online for free

As we have already said, for create book or ebook covers we will use a page that we will visit through the following link. The page is called myecovermaker, it presents us with a paid and a free version. We are about to download the free version and you will see that it offers you features that will allow you to do a professional job.

When we enter the page, the first thing we will do is go to the option Create recovery, there we can see that he offers us five different book covers that we can create. There are many more, but you can only choose them if you access the paid version. So, if you want to do it professionally, you can buy that version and you will see a large number of models.

In order to run our example, you can choose any of those allowed, make a clip on it and it will present us with another window. In this window we will see a large amount of funds. If you look closely, it gives you options to load a wallpaper you have on your computer or if you want to search the web for it.

Designing our ebook cover

After choosing the background we will use, we can select the specific area we want from the background. And we will have an image next to it that will show us what the cover we are creating will look like. Then we fix the Select and Continue option.

Now let's wait for it to load and in a few seconds the cover, now we can insert text, images, etc. Let's make a clip on the option to insert the text and a blank area will appear where we will do it. We will write the title of the book and we can also change the font, size, shadows, alignment, etc. And we upload it.

After this, the letters will appear on your cover and you can move them around at will and give it the size you want. A small strip of options also appears on the cover where you can choose which effects the texts can capture. The next thing we need to do is insert an image which can be from your computer, from the web or from those who have the page.

You can find many pictures that you they will be very useful for making your covers, we make a clip in insert image, we select it and include it in our cover, we can manipulate this image, enlarge it, shrink it, center it, take at the corners, etc. And we can include as many images as needed for our cover.

This is how you are designing your cover adding images or text that allow you to offer a well-made cover. Once the cover is done, you just have to select the Done option and wait for it to download. Remember that in this free version you can only download a 3G image. Then proceed to convert your digital book to any format and publish it on the web.

How to make book or ebook covers online for free

And in this way we have used a page that will help us a lot in the creation of book covers or ebooks online for free. With this tutorial you can become an expert without investing your money.

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