How to make copies or duplicate objects with Corel DRAW tools

Image editing has improved dramatically over the years. Just by comparing what could be done about 20 years ago with what can be done today, we will notice that it is grown on a large scale, more than what has been tried to improve over the centuries.

Therefore, the tools that allow us to carry out this action advance together, that is as the edition progresses, so do the tools with which it is modified, usually computers. Being a study in itself as complicated as any, because not everyone can edit images.

Not everyone spends a lot of time studying for both the courses and the teaching of a particular teacher, such as the self-taught (self-taught) method which is more common among people who are dedicated to work, looking in articles like this explains some methods.

What is image editing?

Image editing is a process normally performed on a computer, in which raster graphics are often used. Which can be photographs or scanned documents, creation from scratch by users dedicated to image processing and among others.

Where these images are retouched in what the user deems necessary. Some people have an orientation more inclined to the perception of the colors that the images emit; others are more devoted to the quality of their visualization, others are concerned with special effects and so on.

Therefore, the management and modifications that the user will require to achieve the planned result, needs editing programs that have a good variety in the tools it offers, so that the editor can manipulate everything with precision. Image.

How can I use a computer to edit images?

How to make copies or duplicate objects with Corel DRAW tools

To perform the process of editing an image inside a computer, we must first see what editing programs it has, to be able to observe it is very simple, we just need search for a document with tag (.JPG) or (. PNG) that refer to images in Windows.

So, we left click on the image and look for the option "Open with", where we can see the editors or viewers of the images. The difference between these two is that editors have tools like trim, delete, and so on. And viewers don't have an editing tool.

Regularly, the editor that comes by default on computers using Windows is Paint, although we can download and install Corel Draw, Photoshop and others, which offer very intuitive and specialized tools, thus obtaining even more professional editing jobs like adding outlines to objects, correcting the blur of a photo, applying custom effects on text and background, etc.

How to make copies or duplicate objects with Corel Draw tools?

To copy or duplicate objects there are very simple processes, the first is use key command (Ctrl + D). Where the objects we have selected will automatically duplicate and the duplicates will be placed over the right side of the original, although this is editable.

How to make copies or duplicate objects with Corel DRAW tools

The second process is a bit more complex, where we will have to select the object or objects, click on «Edit» and then "Do and repeat". In the pop-up window we will place the number of copies we want and if we want we can change the horizontal and vertical position in which these copies will appear.

This option is really useful for images that really need a repetitive copy and paste of a special object, with which we will save time. For example, the flag of the United States, which has a large number of stars positioned harmoniously next to each other.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we'd love to hear your opinion: Were you able to create copies or duplicate objects using the Corel Draw tools? Do you know of another method to duplicate objects with this program? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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