How to make friends on Facebook

How to make friends on Facebook

One of the things that can certainly make using a particular social network much more interesting and attractive is have a considerable and constantly growing virtual share capital to propagate or disseminate one's own life, ideas or peculiar thoughts or any other motive which is deemed convenient and of interest to be expressed online.

Its this interest in making friends on the social network Facebook is an incentive for many people who have an account on this social network. However, they are afflicted by the fact that they do not possess some rudiments or keys essential to correctly and effectively achieve the distinction of being friends on Facebook with one or more people.

That is why the following article proposes to offer those " rudiments " or " key " pieces to satisfy this concern of having the privilege, for example, of obtaining the friendship of that person who is interested in knowing or appreciating or, to those based on other criteria such as popularity, recognition or influence and finding many friends. Finally, I hope it will be key to achieving your personal goals on Facebook.

How to have friends on Facebook | introduction

There are, in our opinion, 3 necessary categories that must be treated and considered in order to obtain a specific friendship or many friendships in general in order to expand the circles of contacts that one has in this social network and it should be noted that each of these is due to a precise moment of this procedure for interacting on Facebook, ie: before, during and after the achievement of friendship approval.

Subsequently, I leave the categories in order that must be compared to reach with a greater margin of possibility to have new ones or those new friendships.

Make friends on Facebook | Optimize your user profile

Even if it seems obvious or elementary, it is essential to care or pay a little attention to the profile you have on Facebook, since this is undoubtedly the cover letter you have in front of others and an attractive user profile says much more about a person. what an inconsiderate and complete.

This is why, in the first instance, it is necessary to analyze and see, for example, which image is projected to others, which interaction one has and the content that is shared, to then start optimizing the user profile.

  • Profile photo: It is perhaps one of the most important and important aspects of the cover letter that you have a great ability to influence favorably or negatively when you want to make friends.

That's why you have to choose or take a good photo that clearly shows you and takes advantage of you in some way, yes, without being so conceited. It goes without saying that a person who doesn't have a profile picture or has a generic picture of something won't engender much trust and seriousness in other people and will be less likely for you to make friends on Facebook and as they say, picture is everything.

  • Photo on the wall: Although it may seem insignificant, it is somehow important to have a photo or image on your Facebook wall and also that it projects something positive or that can generate some empathy.

It therefore follows that a person who has a photo on the wall on their profile causes greater empathy and much more, if it is an image that can arouse or transmit positive thoughts.

  • Dashboard: the content that has been posted on your Facebook profiles may be relevant in a later step… That is, when a friend request is approved, since it is very likely that one or more people, by accepting a request, will review their user profiles and verify what kind of person they are based on what they post or the content they have.

Therefore, they will need to review and edit their profile before this happens, deleting content that may be controversial. Irrelevant or potentially harmful to you and the person or people who have accepted your request do not delete them and who, moreover, are curious or even attracted to hear from you.

  • Album: This is another important piece when people accept friend requests and without a doubt, it should be seen, revised and optimized in advance to make a good impression, thus eliminating photos that can damage or undermine your image and leaving or adding photos that enhance your image. person who shows how they are, what they do or what they like and precisely, they cause attraction and curiosity.
  • Groups and pages they like: another aspect that is worth highlighting are those groups and pages of personal interest that are followed since, when a user accepts your request, he can review his likes and interests and these can be totally contrary to those of the genre person person which causes distance, lack of interest, and even friendship elimination. It would be ideal if those tastes could agree with the person or people you want to be friends with, because they would cause a certain pleasure and complicity in tastes.

  • Privacy – Another noteworthy key is privacy. In this case, it is advisable to be transparent and show the virtual world to project trust and not mysteries when a person accepts your friendship since, if some parts are limited, they will cause suspicions and some apprehension which is not good at all when you want meet people. Finally, you are the interested party and you need to open up.
  • Facebook activity: finally, as a last aspect or masterpiece to optimize a profile, it is the activity you have because, if you are not very active or sociable virtually, after the approval of your request, you will cause a certain apathy and indifference. So, you should do some Facebook activity, post things that can get attention and interest your contacts, no spam.

Having said that and having optimized your profiles, let's now move on to the » main beam » of how to get that precious friendship or, have many more friends on Facebook.

Make friends on Facebook | Strategy and social skills

There is a wide range of tools that can be used and it will depend on how effectively,

  • Requests Requests: Sending a friend request to one or more people is a real Russian roulette where they are likely to be rejected, accepted, or perhaps never seen or never responded to that request. That's why I don't recommend using it when it's really interesting and eager to meet a certain person who seems special to us, and in case, contrary to the idea is to add yes or yes, you can send more contact requests with some Be wary of users who you think may be openly friendly .

By the way, some users don't even have this option enabled, being a challenge to reach them and that they are the ones sending you the request.

  • Message: it's personal, one of the best resources you have when you want to meet a certain person and the big problem for many would be to write… Well, faced with this inconvenience, you must have a strategy and social ability to present yourself, provoke a certain empathy and elicit a response to their message and finally, it must be strictly forbidden to write a monosyllable , being rude or flirting. That is, show originality, curiosity and eloquence.

It can help you in the message that you write information, which you may have from that person's profile and if, you can access it (photos, publications, pages and groups you follow, mutual friends, etc.). If you get an answer, voilà! Keep developing the conversation with intensity and with words and ideas that can arouse curiosity until you reach such confidence that the friend request is fulfilled, by yourself and also by the person who sent it to you.

  • Groups and Pages: a good resource for making friends is precisely to be part of a group or page of interest since, between comments, interaction and likes, a public or private conversation can be generated which leads to a friendship.

Interaction in groups and pages is key here, as well as the knowledge and grace that one has for stringing together a conversation with other people and it can transcend beyond a couple of lines.

Make friends on Facebook | cultivate friendship

The friendship forged on Facebook doesn't end once, once the approval of the friend request has been obtained, on the contrary, it has just begun and from that moment on it must be cultivated.

So, you will have different options to develop friendship from a conversation through messages, online chat, posting content of interest and it will be essential to comment, like you and even meet to do some activity together or just to know where that person is going special friendship .

In case the idea is to have more friends, it would make sense that there is some general concern or interest between you and them, with the publications, photos and videos being the content to develop the bond of friendship and lasting over time.

Finally, these would be the key aspects to having one or more new friends on Facebook. However, that's not the only thing and it will be up to each one to do what he deems convenient to please other Facebook users and thus have new friends.

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