How to make Google Assistant Read any Internet article

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that you can ask a lot of things, including the reading any article from the Internet. In this article we will learn a simple trick that you can use if you want to know the content of an article, but in the meantime you have things to do. Thanks to a very useful tool, the Google Assistant can read it aloud for you.

It is not only this, because the function in question gives you the possibility to change the reading speed, directly translate the articles into your language and also to choose the reading voice. We have already tested this tool and can guarantee it is one of the best Google Assistants until now. We know all about how it works, below.

How to make Google Assistant Read any Internet article

Get Google Assistant to read articles from the internet with this trick.

How to make the Google Assistant read any article from the Internet to you

The Google Assistant is an assistant that can help you with many things, from identifying which songs are playing to information about the weather tomorrow. Another thing it can do for you is to read articles from the Internet aloud, a very cool feature for integrate the reading of the content with other activities. For example, while Assistant is reading the article, you can browse other applications such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

Using this Google Assistant trick is extremely simple. First, let's see how can you ask him to read an article from the Internet for you:

  1. Enter the browser and find Article you want the wizard to read.
  2. Once inside the page, say "Ok Google, read the article".

How to make Google Assistant Read any Internet article

There are several options within this player that you can use to enhance the experience. The first is to change the reading speed, which you can access with the button at the bottom right. If you click there, represented by a "1.0x", you can slow down or speed up the speed of the player.

This feature can be useful, for example, if you use this Google Assistant tool for learn english. If he reads articles to you in English, you may want him to read them slower so that you can better grasp the content.

Another thing you can achieve is for the Assistant to directly translate articles that are in another language for you. To do this, click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner, tap «Translation» and select the language where you want to translate the article. Also, in that option menu that appears, you can also access "Read voice", to choose the voice that will read the articles.

How to make Google Assistant Read any Internet article

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, you can listen to the Google Assistant player while browsing other apps. Therefore, if you log out of the browser or application in which the article is located, you will be able to log in to the player's playback controls in the status bar of the mobile, i.e. by swiping from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Without a doubt, it is a very complete tool that you can use to keep you updated on the latest news and articles while doing other activities. Also, if you want to have fun with Google Assistant, you can practice several very funny tricks that will make you laugh.

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