How to make money by unlocking your mobile - App to earn money Android

What you should keep in mind is that obviously you will not get rich with these kinds of applications. It is a way to earn some extra cash that you can invest in some minimal things you do on the internet.

Although not you can win a significant amount of money. Something can always be achieved and considering that you are practically not asked to do anything to obtain it, then we can't complain.

The application we will talk about has thousands of downloads and satisfied users so it is reliable. One of the big problems when it comes to making money by unlocking your Android phone is that many companies end up disappearing.

However, Slidejoy is a reliable company that you can work with comfortably and earn money just by doing what you always do: unlock your mobile Who doesn't unlock their phone several times a day? Nothing better than getting paid to do it, even a little bit.

How to make money by unlocking your mobile - App to earn money Android

Earn money by unlocking your mobile on Android

The application we will see is Slidejoy, a fairly simple app that you can easily download as an APK from its official website (recommended) or from the Play Store itself.

What you need to do is register with your name, surname and email. Everything has to be real information so that later on you won't have any kind of problem collecting the money you are accumulating.

After you've done everything correctly, your unlock screen will be replaced by a screen with ads that will vary depending on the available campaigns. Unlocking the screen can be a bit intrusive. However, it is the only way to earn some money every time you unlock your phone if you have forgotten your password.

The money you make will obviously depend on several factors. What country are you from, how many times to unlock the device, etc. But you also have other options that the application offers you to earn more.

View advertisers videos: Another interesting option to earn more money is to be able to watch videos from different advertisers. All the videos you see will obviously be advertisements. Download apps to your device- You can also generate revenue by downloading different applications to your mobile device.

Polls: Almost every day you can find surveys in which you have to express your opinion on different products. The only problem is that on some occasions and for obvious reasons our profile is not always suitable for receiving all the daily surveys.

How to make money by unlocking your mobile - App to earn money Android

How to earn money by unlocking your mobile

Slidejoy's form of payment is through its own currency called " Carat «. When you accumulate 100 carats you get one euro. Don't worry that even if they have that weird name, you can raise real money through PayPal e Amazon.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is that the accumulated is paid monthly. This means that everything that accumulates during a month can only be charged on the first of the other month, even if the minimum is reached at the beginning of the current month.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, this class of applications doesn't pay too much, so you won't be able to get a hefty sum for doing too much. However, you have to keep in mind that practically without doing anything you can achieve between $ 10 and $ 15 a month.

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