How to make my Android look like an iPhone using iLauncher

Today we will see how to make my android look like an iPhone using iLauncher in so that in this way the style of your device changes radically and is the same as any mobile with iOS.

We cannot deny that Android gives us the enormous ability to customize the operating system in a radical way. Unlike other OSes, Google has no limits in terms of customization.

For this we have many applications known as Launcher or Launcher that allow us, without the need for advanced knowledge, to change the appearance of our mobile simply by downloading the app.

Today we will talk in detail about different applications that you should have installed on your mobile in case you want it to look exactly the same as iOS. In this way, while maintaining all the comfort and benefits of Android, we will be able to enjoy the refined and elegant design that Apple devices have.

How to make my Android look like an iPhone using iLauncher

How to turn my Android into an iPhone with iLauncher

The first thing you will need to turn Android into an iPhone is a launcher or launcher. Fortunately iLauncher has everything we need to do to get through the process.

After downloading and installing it. You will appreciate that the change can be seen with the naked eye, application icons take on another form, remarkably similar to that of any iPhone device.

The Chrome icon will be replaced by the Safari icon, although it will remain the Google browser. The only thing that changes is the icon.

If you scroll down you can see all the apps you have used recently. In case from the top of the screen you swipe down you will be able to see what the control panel would be, which is exactly the same as any device running iOS.

If you access the iLauncher settings, you will be able to change the background, the action when you swipe your finger, also the lock screen and many other cool options so that your Android device looks like an iPhone.

How to make my Android look like an iPhone using iLauncher

How to turn my Android into an iPhone

Another thing we would need would be one lock screen which is exactly the same as iOS, which shows us password entry and notifications alike. For this we have the iOS12 lock screen available. With this simple application we can enjoy a lock screen exactly the same as that of any device that works with the iOS 12 system.

In case you really enjoy listening to music and want an app that is one replica of the one iOS has to listen to music, then iMusic is what you are looking for. Capable of playing popular audio formats, you have Apple playback on your Android device without any kind of limitation.

You can organize all your songs by genre. Play files like MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc. It also has several extra options like an equalizer to improve the sound quality and customize it.

In case you use the calendar a lot, you will surely want to give it an iOS style as well. For this we have iCalendar iOS which converts your Android calendar into the one that all Apple devices have, with many interesting options, as it is compatible with Google Calendar.

Therefore, we will see a noticeable design change, much more comfortable and harmonious, but enjoying all the options that the Google calendar has to offer us.

In case the launcher or any of the other applications don't convince you and you want to go back to the design you had before. All you need to do is uninstall the apps you downloaded earlier. This way you will have everything as you had before downloading the applications.

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