How to make or make a Golem in Minecraft - From iron, stone, diamond, snow, etc.

This open world game offers us different options and possibilities such as having companions not only in the real world, but also within the game itself.

How to make a Golem in Minecraft

These creatures are well known and used by all Minecraft users and players. These so-called Golems, in addition to being companions, they are guardians who protect you from the attacks of various enemies. These enemies usually appear at night and can be zombies, creepers, skeletons, the famous enders, among others.

How to make or make a Golem in Minecraft - From iron, stone, diamond, snow, etc.

Each of these Golems has different protection and attack capabilities, depending on the material you build them out of. In Minecraft, building materials abound and the possibilities are many. So if what you want is to know how create your Golem, you are in the right place.

Learn how to make your own golem in Minecraft

There are different types of Golems, which will help you in different situations with different types of enemies. Next, we will show you how to create your golem with the most effective and resistant materials. 

snow golem

This is one of the easiest to do, but it is also on the list of the weakest and most vulnerable to enemy attack. Its main weakness is sand and water. When an enemy approaches, this golem will proceed to throw snowballs at you to protect yourself. 

How to make or make a Golem in Minecraft - From iron, stone, diamond, snow, etc.

To create our snow golem, you just need 2 blocks of snow and a pumpkin. Snow blocks are the easiest to obtain, as this material is quite abundant everywhere on the map. In order for our golem to come to life, you need to place the two snow blocks vertically and the pumpkin on top.

iron golem

The Iron Golem is ideal for defending against attacks by zombies and by explosions of creepers. So first we need to find the iron in Minecraft. Once we have enough iron, we can easily make blocks and create Iron Golems.

To create it, you don't need to make a work table or anything like that. Since to create a Golem, we only need to form a structure with a particular shape. Once the structure is complete, our Golem will come to life.

How to make or make a Golem in Minecraft - From iron, stone, diamond, snow, etc.

For our Iron Golem, we will only need 4 iron blocks and 1 pumpkin block. It is important to place the T-shaped iron blocks first and the pumpkin head last. Otherwise it won't work.

Golem wither

This is one of the main characters in Minecraft and the strongest of them all, and therefore the most difficult to build. It's a 3-headed creature with the ability to float. Once it comes to life it will fill with energy and when it takes damage it will generate several explosions, which will instantly eliminate any nearby enemies.

The damage you take will depend on the difficulty level you are playing at. At less than half his life, he will become immune to arrows shot by skeletons.

Whenever the Wither takes out an enemy, it will drop an artifact known as Rosa del Wither, which is used to brew different potions or traps. As we can see, it is a creature that will give us a lot of protection during the game. To build it you will need 4 blocks of soul sand and 3 blocks of whiter skeleton head.

The construction process is similar to the previous 2. We will put the blocks in the shape of "T" and then we will put the heads of the skeletons on top of the first 3 blocks.

Once built, the Wither will turn blue and its health percentage will increase until it is completed. During this time, the golem is immune to attack and will remain completely immobile. It is important to survive attacks in Minecraft and you can do so by using your golem to protect yourself.

That's all! We hope this article helps you, by following the advice in this article you will be protected.

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