How to make or make your own knife in Minecraft - Craft knife

And one of the objects we interact with most often is weapons, as the story of a hero versus evil or who must fight against all kinds of monsters. This has made the use of weapons or some kind of object to attack or defend not so uncommon in the world of video games.

Although in the beginning the use of weapons in the Games was frowned upon by many people who claimed to encourage aggressive behavior, the truth turned out to be different. And, over the years, the weapons that are used and how they are used have changed in a big way.

This encouraged game developers to try to be as creative as possible with their games and even weapons. Which has led to all kinds of artists being hired to design guns and armature for different games.

How to make or make your own knife in Minecraft - Craft knife

Minecraft is a good example for this, as it's a game that has grown since its earliest stages of development and ever since it was released. This is a game that is continuously updated and to which new monsters and weapons are added, which allows us to gain experience within the game.

The latter is a big change since the game started the only weapon that could be used was a sword, but the arsenal has increased. Therefore, if you also want to increase your collection within Minecraft, you can use the following tutorial and make a knife for use with all monsters that bring the night and caves. And it is also possible to make an armor stand with weapons in Minecraft.

Through the mod

In fact, in Minecraft there is no way to make a knife, unfortunately, because despite all the arsenal that can be accessed through crafting or fabrication, as close as possible is a sword.

But there are ways to be able to create knives only if mods or modifiers are used within the game, which are actually not too difficult to install. One of the most popular mods with knives is Life in the Woods, a mod that seeks to allow the player to focus on nature and interacting with it, such as planting trees.

For this, the mod includes many new things that the player can find and use, and among these are the knives, which can be crafted just like a sword but with only one piece of main material and a shaft.

Plus, they also have half the duration of a sword, as well as half the damage, so they're not a weapon at all special.

How to make or make your own knife in Minecraft - Craft knife

In the dungeons of Minecraft

Another way to use knives is through Minecraft Dungeons, a kind of spin-off game of Minecraft, which consists of an action game in which various heroes can enter the dungeons to defeat monsters.

And one of the weapons that can be used for this are knives, which have some interesting aspects when used, such as the fact that they attack with thrusts.

However, since Minecraft Dungeons is a game that is all about fighting and not mining objects or in the creation of objects, you cannot make a knife inside it. But you can find knives inside places like the desert temple or buy them from a blacksmith who has one.

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