How to make your own wallpaper for Android and iPhone

In this post you will learn how to make your own wallpaper for android and iphone  in a very simple way, so that you can show your original mobile.

What is a wallpaper?

It is the image that decorates the screen of a mobile phone or a PC, giving it that different and personal touch. You can also create your own wallpapers with interactive or still images; colorful or black and white, you just have to activate your creativity to design great wallpapers. You can also change your WhatsApp wallpaper so that each screen on your phone is unique.

There is a wide variety of applications that allow you to create amazing wallpapers for your Android phone and iPhone; such as Adobe Spark, Canva, Patternator, Background Creator, among others. There are also applications to change your mobile wallpaper based on the weather, such as Weatherback Wallpaper.

For this post we will be using Adobe Spark which is an easy to use platform and will allow you to design great wallpapers.

Steps to create your wallpaper using Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a design platform that lets you create wallpapers in minutes with just a few clicks; It's an easy-to-use platform, but if you want to see more details on how to use Adobe Spark Post, you can find them at that link.

How to make your own wallpaper for Android and iPhone

Here are the steps to follow to create a background:

  1. You need to install the Adobe Spark app or create a user.
  2. Log in to Adobe Spark.
  3. You have to choose the type of Spark you want to create; in this case you have to choose "Post +", an option that allows you to design images or graphics.
  4. Go to the design menu; and choose "Resize" to choose the size you want your wallpaper to be.
  5. Now go back to the menu and select the option "Theme", so you can choose the theme that your wallpaper will have.
  6. Click on the option "Background", in this step you can choose a background from the options offered by the search box or you can select a photo that you have stored.
  7. If you want, you can add some text to your background, click the option "Text" ; You can change the font, shape, color and alignment of this text to make the original text and make the background stand out even more.
  8. You can also reduce a number of color combinations to make your image stand out, so choose the "Palette" option.
  9. Adobe Spark will allow you to visualize what your design will look like based on the options you have chosen, if you don't like it you can make any changes you want.
  10. When the wallpaper is ready, you just have to click on » Save ». Adobe Spark also allows you to share the image with other people, even on your social networks.How to make your own wallpaper for Android and iPhone

How to make changes to the background?

  • If you don't like the result of the theme, you have gone to the option "Topic" (found in the menu) to change what you don't like.
  • You don't like the look of the background, you have to click on the background and when a small window appears you have to select "Replace"; In this option you can change the image, you will also see some options to find another wallpaper.
  • If the color scheme between the image and the text did not suit, click on the text and change the color.
  • If you want to add more information to the text, you just need to go to the option "Text" and then click «Add text» ; where you will add the text you want to include.
  • If you want to change the style of some of your elements that you are creating, what you should do is choose that element and move the green circle to try out the different styles that you have at your disposal.

Use these applications to design unique wallpapers; You don't need design skills, you just need to use your creativity and imagination to create never-before-seen wallpapers.

Go ahead and give your iPhone and Android mobile a different touch by creating your own wallpaper; and for your computer you can even create a background in PowerPoint. Surprise your friends with your fantastic creations.

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