How to manage accounts and delete social profiles connected to Instagram

Manage accounts and delete social profiles connected to Instagram

Before you can start managing multiple accounts, you need to know the method by which Instagram allows you to have more than one active session per team.

To achieve this, it is first and foremost important to note that it is Only five (5) accounts can be linked at a time. The steps to follow are as follows.

By logging into Instagram with the first account, you need to go to the main section of the Profile, this is achieved by clicking on a small person icon in the lower right corner.

Subsequently, the settings menu it is found and it comes selezionato in the upper right corner, which is represented by three horizontal lines parallel to each other.

Within the panel that has been opened, you have to choose " Configuration “, Right at the end of the section and with the characteristic sprocket or gear.

In this window and scrolling down, you will find the button " Add account “, Which you choose and enter the data required to start the session.


How to manage accounts and delete social profiles connected to Instagram

Other steps

Now, after completing the process of linking the desired accounts, it is essential to know how to vary or switch from one to the other.

In this sense, it is very easy to get it, you just have to run the application and find yourself in the main section of the profile (the icon at the bottom right).

Then, locate the username in the upper left part, next to which an arrow will appear, select it and it will open a menu.

In the latter we can decide which account to use, in addition, we will also have the possibility of add an account from there.

On the other hand, an added benefit of being able to manage the accounts linked to Instagram is the ability to decide how the session will start when you have multiple accounts.

That is, it is established how you prefer the login, the application will execute it. Even if you have forgotten your password, you can log into the Instagram account.

For this, from the section " Settings "Of the profile menu, at the bottom and in the section" Accesses “, Choose the first option.

Which is called “Configure login with multiple accounts”, the window with the options will appear and you choose the preferred one, as well as accept the security reminder.

Delete linked accounts

On the other hand, if you want to get rid of an added account, it's as simple as manage accounts connected to Instagram and just as fast.

This does not mean that the Instagram account will literally be deleted, it will just stop being linked to another.


How to manage accounts and delete social profiles connected to Instagram

From the Instagram application, you need to direct the action to the main screen of the profile you want to delete, using the icon at the bottom right which will now be a thumbnail of the profile photo.

Next, access the drop-down menu with the three horizontal lines, in the pop-up tab, select " Settings ”And scroll down the view.

At the end, we will see a section called " Session start ", Where the different usernames will be displayed, preceded by the caption" Exit from ".

Eg " Log out of this_account ", By touching the desired account, a warning window will appear, with options" Logout " is " Change “, Choose the first one.

You will also be able to see an option for " Log out of all accounts “, In case you need to do it jointly or in a simplified way.

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