How to mention other channels in YouTube title or description

How to mention other channels in YouTube title or description

When you mention another creator in the title or description of the videos you upload to YouTube, their name will have a link to their channel; This is intended to highlight their collaboration and show your appreciation, furthermore, your channel followers will be able to visit and learn about the channel of the person you tagged.

The creator who has been tagged in the title or description of a video will receive a notification indicating that it was mentioned in a channel; Likewise, if your channel has been mentioned with @ in YouTube stories, video titles and descriptions, or community posts, you'll be notified.

Mentioning another creator in a video's title or description is very simple, the first thing you need to do is write the @ symbol immediately followed by the channel name (without leaving a space between the @ symbol and the channel name),

For example, the funniest animals in the world with @Victork or @criticosebas giving his opinion on the series the invincible. It is important to insert the @ before the name, otherwise the mention will not be valid.

How to mention other channels in YouTube title or description

Secondly after typing the @ and channel name, YouTube will show you a list with multiple names or just creator name, select the channel name you want to tag.

If the name of the channel you are looking for does not appear, it may not have 1000 subscribers, as this feature is only available to those users who have at least 1000 subscribers on their channel, otherwise you will not be able to make or receive mentions.

In order to use this YouTube feature, you have to keep two basic aspects in mind, firstly it is available alone for the Creator Studio version ; you cannot use it in the classic version of YouTube Studio; second, your channel and that of the creator must have 1000 subscribers (you can see the number of subscribers of your channel).

Some neglect using this feature because they don't see it useful but it's a really great marketing tool because it helps to increase channel visits and subscriptions, it allows you to bring in more YouTube users.

Tips for creating perfect YouTube titles and descriptions

It's not enough just to create successful videos, a captivating title and description will motivate users to play the video, they can even encourage them to subscribe and view more content; It will also help you get a better position in YouTube search results. These are some tips you should apply:

  • Titles

  1. Identify what kind of users you want to target the video to, this is important because the title must contain keyword that allow YouTube to rank and position them, so users interested in that topic can easily find your video.
  2. Tag video contributors, this will help you increase visits and subscriptions on your channel as well as your collaborator's.
  3. Never write titles with words like me, my, us.
  4. The title must have a maximum of 60 characters.
  5. Write headlines that call for action.
  • Description

  1. Write some keywords; This will allow you to categorize the content of your videos.
  2. Don't write very short descriptions, you can write between 200 and 300 words that tell the user what they will find in that video.How to mention other channels in YouTube title or description
  3. Use keywords at the beginning of the text, don't digress.
  4. The description must be 100% original, never make the mistake of copying yourself from other users.
  5. Avoid inserting links or mentions at the beginning of the text, it is advisable to use these tools in the middle or at the end of the text. If you wish, you can edit the titles and descriptions of your previous videos.

When you use the @mention on YouTube it is no longer necessary to insert links in the description by simply clicking on that mention, users will be quickly redirected to the creator's channel; It's very simple, go ahead and use this tool from today.

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