How to merge cells in Excel - Merge multiple cells together

Excel is a great organizer for our agenda, where it is possible create a daily agenda and use it as a backup as it allows you to build projects that require data accuracy.

How to combine cells in Excel?

  1. First let's create a new one Excel document. If you haven't installed it yet, you can go to hers official site and download Excel.
  2. Within this new text we will set up the project in each cell, for example; organizational table.
  3. To create the table remember that you can use shortcuts if you already have a ready-to-use registered macro (see article on come creare macro in Excel)
  4. This way, with the organizational table ready in our new document, we can proceed to finish it.
  5. Adding a title to a table is difficult in Excel if we don't know how to do it, we would have a single cell with the title of our table and it wouldn't look professional.
  6. It is therefore important that these cells have no edge divisions and are merged, which is why we will learn how to combine them all.
  7. To combine some cells with others we must first place the text in one of them that we will use as the title for our organizational table.
  8. We select all the cells including the one with the title and we will search in the tools above the «Start» tab and then click on "Merge and center" we will automatically see the results. 

Important: when we combine the cells we will see that the text will remain centered but very low, for this we must select "Center text" right next to the option we select to perform the combination of cells and we will center the text thus obtaining the title next to the combination of cells a perfect title for our organizer table.

Keep in mind when merging multiple cells together:

Le cells that we combine into so that their borders disappear they can only be used in titles or with only one content inside.

That is, if we have two cells and each says a different title but we want to get rid of their borders using the option "Merge and center" we will get that the only thing that is combined is the title of the first cell on the left, in the rest of the cells the content will disappear.

How to merge cells in Excel - Merge multiple cells together

Can merged cells be edited in Word?

If these cells that have been combined to create a single cell can be changed, for example; its background color, the type of text to enlarge or reduce our text whenever you want. It is an interesting tool to generate titles and subtitles within our project Excel.

Excel offers us alternatives so that our projects get the highest quality and professional design, with the creation of organizational tables, information tables with a lot of text that is also possible thanks to the combination of cells, we can use it as an alternative to Word in many respects and this is positive for users.

Remember that Excel is a program within a whole family of computer applications, such as PowerPoint, Word, Outlook in fighting for the throne with Word, which are two of the most attractive and used tools of the family. 

This program package can be found and downloaded for free from Microsoft's official website for a free trial, or purchase the full package once by paying for a subscription and have unlimited access to all its tools. 

How to merge cells in Excel - Merge multiple cells together

If you liked this step by step to learn how to combine cells in Excel, you can search this site step by step on how to add by categories and how to create a Gantt chart in Excel and much more, complete guides to learn how to use Excel as professional.

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