How to open a free YouTube account: simple step-by-step tutorial

How to open a free YouTube account: simple step-by-step tutorial

A top-notch internet platform and a place where millions of creatives move every hour. YouTube is an online video playback portal, a corner of the net where people visit every day to see new content from their favorite YouTubers, listen to music or just get distracted while watching something interesting. Read to the end and find out how to open a youtube account.

It appeared more than a decade ago, but its success and potential were so evident that it didn't take long for Google to get it. Since then, YouTube has continued to grow in terms of number of users and posts. In 2017, in fact, the data spoke of 500 hours of content uploaded to the platform per minute and an active user base of over 1.500 million viewers.

How to open a YouTube account to earn money?

YouTube started with numbers that leave no one indifferent and that have given life to the figures of Youtuber and Influencer. These people are busy uploading content to the platform, generating significant income from more than a significant mass of followers.

While it may not seem like it, YouTube can be treated more like a business than an entertainment platform, and as such, many users are wondering how to open a YouTube account or YouTube channel for free.

If you are one of those people who want to know how to open a YouTube account to generate income, we congratulate you on this post. This guide will walk you through registering your new profile and setting it up to earn money from your uploaded videos. On the other hand, if you just want to start experimenting and let your imagination run wild, it will also be very useful for you. With all the steps outlined here, it will be very easy for you to start uploading videos to the platform.

Posting a video to YouTube requires a lot of patience, practice and some skill with existing editing programs, especially if you want to put serious effort into this task. Although first of all you have to do what opens the door to this possibility, which is to create a user account.

If you are wondering how to open a YouTube account and how to create a channel to upload videos and earn money, or if you just want to do it for fun, we'll show you everything you need to do from your computer to get started. You need to follow the instructions below and in a few minutes you will have created your profile and you can start posting videos on the biggest video platform on the internet:

1- Access the YouTube website

The first of the steps to open a YouTube account. Enter the web browser you use most often on your computer and go to the address bar at the top of the page. Then you have to enter the following URL: This will take you directly to the YouTube home page.

Ok, now go to the top right corner and you need to click on «Log in«. If you already have a Google account, just enter it in the field that appears and follow the usual login procedure, if you want to register an account you must click on the «Create an account«.

2- Add your data

At this point you must complete the forms displayed. First you need to enter your first and last name in the first two fields that appear on the screen. Next, enter the email address you want to associate with your YouTube profile and finally the key, which you will need to enter twice.

It is essential that this password contains both numbers and letters and, of course, that it is not shared with anyone to avoid misuse of the channel or even the risk of identity theft. When done, you need to click NEXT and continue.

3- Verify your identity

YouTube will now send an email to the email address you provided to verify your identity before continuing with the profile creation process.

You should open your inbox and locate an email from Google, if you don't see it in your inbox, you should check your spam folder, it might be there. After searching and entering, you will see a multi-digit code that you need to enter in the field that appears at the current stage of registration on YouTube. After entering, you need to click on «Verifica«.

4- More profile data

Before we finish, there are a few more fields you need to enter. Now you need to enter your phone number, date of birth and gender. Fill in the fields that appear, click and select from the appropriate options. When you're done, you need to click on the blue button labeled «NEXT«.

An SMS with a code will be sent to the phone number provided, although you can skip this step by clicking the Not now button. If you want to accept the text message, wait to receive it and enter the code that appears.

5- Accept the Google Terms and Conditions

The rest is just the acceptance of terms of service and use of Google and YouTube. Scroll down the message that appears on the screen and check the two corresponding boxes. After that, you just need to click on «Create an account«, and then on «Confirmation«. And it's ready.

How do I set up my YouTube channel to generate income from my videos?

Now that you know how to open a YouTube account, you should know that you can earn money from your videos. Monetizing videos through views is one of the most attractive goals for users who are starting to gain an attractive number of subscribers since it can help you generate additional income for the effort they put into posting on this platform, or even why not, a life with it.

Let's get straight to the point: how do you set up your youtube channel to generate income from your videos? The answer to this question is given below, you have to follow the steps that we will now tell you:

  1. Access the youtube portal from the home page you already know.
  2. Then, once inside, go to the top right corner and click on the user photo. In the drop-down menu that appears, find the section «Creator Studio» and click right there.
  3. Now take a look at the left side menu. Go to the section «Channel» and within it in the section «Status and functionality«.
  4. On the right screen, there will be many options and parameters that you can pay attention to. Go to the section «Monetization» and click on «Attiva» if it appears. If it is displayed as «Unsuitable«, click on «create channel«, a popup window will open, you need to click on the blue button «create channel» and then you will see the option «Attiva» in the tab «Monetization«.
  1. Now they will send you to another page, where you have to click on «Start«, the blue button, and soon after you will see in front of you several requirements that YouTube has raised to be part of its affiliate program, check all the necessary boxes for monetization and click on «AcceptTo continue.
  2. Now is the time to activate Google Adsense, start it and accept it until you are sent to the Adsense site. Once there, you have to follow a series of simple steps to create an account on that platform.
  3. You will be asked to enter the URL of the site you want to monetize, where you must provide the address of your YouTube channel, choose the country where you operate based on your legal issues and also set the billing address where Google will send the money received for visits.
  4. To complete the activation of your Adsense account, you need to wait a while while the platform examines the data entered and verifies everything by carrying out a test translation.
  5. After all this, you will only have to choose whether to monetize the video or not, using the button available in the «Creator Studio«.

It is essential that you know that to be eligible for all of this, you must meet a number of requirements that YouTube makes so that not everyone can join their income program. Known as YouTube Affiliate Program, requires a minimum of 1.000 subscribers to your channel and 4.000 watch hours to become a member.

If you don't meet these conditions, you won't be able to earn money from your videos. Indeed, if you have just registered an account and opened your channel, Google will not be able to accept the registration procedure for this program. To achieve these minimum goals, a certain amount of time is required to publish the contents and against the possibility of monetizing each video you want, as long as you do not go against the licensing and data protection policy.

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