How to open an account on Badoo

How to open an account on Badoo

There are currently a great many websites and applications for interact and meet people very different from those we frequent or from those we can access in our reality. However, there have been few websites that have been able to be as overwhelmingly successful as it has been, the Badoo social network which it is, an ideal website for making new friends, flirting and even finding a partner or significant other.

Badoo has great popularity in many places and proof of this is the more than 300 million registered users who are looking for a good option to socialize something online, very different from other websites that are absolutely paid, very restrictive or difficult to access. usage. If you're curious or interested, follow these steps to open a Badoo account without complications.

How to join Badoo | Step 1

The first action that needs to be done is to search and enter this contact website correctly and for this there are 2 ways.

  • Using a search engine: it can be done by entering the word that identifies this social network in the search engine they use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.), or » badoo » then » Enter from the keyboard and from the results, click on the officer which will most likely be the first result.
  • Use of URL: another way to access the first page of this website is to do it by entering the URL or web address in the address bar and that is , then click on « Submit» so that the page loads.

How to join Badoo | Step 2

After the previous action, they will be on the front page or home page of the Badoo site and will see a central window on the right side with a question saying: your first time at Badoo? And a short form that must be filled out and which we describe below.

  • Name: Insert here the name by which you will make yourself known in this social network. Many for safety invent a name or a nickname to protect their privacy a little.
  • Birth: Select the day, month and year of birth.
  • City: write the city where you reside or currently live.
  • Gender: Enter your male or female gender.
  • I want: select what you want from these options to make new friends, chat or have a date.
  • E-mail address: Enter your email address in this box.

When you have finished filling out this form correctly, you need to click on the green button with white letters that says  Subscribe now.

Nota 1 | It goes without saying that this Badoo registration option may change over time.

How to join Badoo | Step 3

With the previous action, a new page opens which gives you the option or possibility to contact people you know and who are duly registered in Badoo and you will be able to contact them using mail services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. among others.

This utility can use it too, you can preserve your anonymity by skipping it by clicking «Skip this step» which is in blue and underlined below, check it out.

How to join Badoo | Step 4

Subsequently, and on a new page, you can immediately start the process of filling out your profile, adding photos with the action of uploading photos from your computer, taking a photo with a webcam or importing your photo to any social network you use. On the other hand, you have the option of not doing this and clicking on the alternative that says: Not now but I promise to add photos later.

How to join Badoo | Step #5

On the new page that appears, they give you a respective welcome and tell you that you already have one badoo profile and they tell you that you should check your email box and open a badoo message that says Complete your registration Badoo! and click the link in the message for complete my registration.

Nota 2 | As an additional information, sometimes some people who sign up or register on Badoo do not receive the message in their email and surely that message went directly to the spam folder or also known as spam. So, they should also check that folder.

Finally, with this process completed, they will have un account badoo and they will have to complete their respective profile with your photos and information, what they are looking for in Badoo and also, they will have to take some time to know how they use Badoo and get the most out of it.

In general, many people like this social network because it is one of the most attractive, there are many people and it has a free service to meet many people and have fun on Badoo.


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