How to place more ads on my YouTube videos and earn more

Today, thanks to access to Internet and the emergence of social networks, the way people have fun has radically changed.

La programming conventional television was set aside to start consuming content on digital platforms.

This in turn has had repercussions on how the YouTube's ADS, but click on them,, which has begun to gain greater presence on the networks.

In this case YouTube, due to its popularity, is one of the platforms most used by advertisers to advertise their brands.

Which gave the content creators of this site, known as youtuber, the opportunity to earn money. If perhaps the video is not that successful, you can, in a few steps, delete an already published video from your YouTube channel.

That is, if you allow YouTube to show advertising videos in all of your content, you can earn extra money.

Requirements for monetizing YouTube videos

How to place more ads on my YouTube videos and earn more

How to place more ads on my YouTube videos and earn more

In order to ensure quality content and comply with various legal requirements, YouTube has strengthened its own requirements.

That's why to start monetizing your videos, your channel must meet certain requirements, such as having at least 1.000 followers.

In addition to these, you must have completed a minimum of 4.000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months.

It is also essential to have a Google AdSense account linked to that of YouTube. Which allows the platform to choose the advertising that best suits your content.

Once these requirements are met, you can opt for the option to start making money with your YouTube videos.

You can do this by accessing the section Earning income in your profile, then agree to the YouTube Partner Program terms and conditions.

We recommend that you stop for a while at this step and read carefully to clarify your doubts and make sure you adhere to YouTube standards.

You can then configure your preferences for the monetization. So you will have to wait la response on YouTube to your request.

Before starting you should know which to enter more video advertising your video must last 10 minutes or more.

Steps to place more ads on YouTube

How to place more ads on my YouTube videos and earn more

First you need to log into your YouTube account and go to the configuration of your channel by clicking on the circle with your profile image.

Click on the YouTube Studio option, on the next page click on Credit Studio at the end of the list.

If your YouTube version is the previous one, skip the previous step and simply log in to Credit Studio.

Once inside, go to the left panel and hit Video Manager and select a video with the minimum duration set. Push the button Modification, scroll a bit' to the down in the menu and then click on the tab Monetization.

You will see that YouTube has placed an ad at the beginning of your content, this is done in every video by default in every video that is longer than 10 minutes.

You can place another one at the end by clicking on the checkbox After the video at the end of the bar. So far you have one ad video at the beginning and another at the end of your YouTube content, which translates into higher profits.

You can add more by clicking on the time bar of yours  video  in the minute you want and pressing the Insert ad button.

Although YouTube allows you to enter how many as many ads as possible in the duration of your content, we advise you to be careful.

Because even if more advertising means more profit, it can be annoying to the viewer and you risk that you stop seeing your content.

Which over time can affect the number of viewing hours and therefore the amount of income you receive.

Another important fact to mention is that even if you choose to exhibit more advertising videos, YouTube may decide not to show them all in every reproduction. Here's how to place more ads on my YouTube videos and earn more.

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