How to place on WhatsApp

How to place on WhatsApp

Floating keyboards are really useful since we have access to symbols and letters that we don't have on conventional keyboards, so placing superscripts or subscripts is very easy, so when you write on WhatsApp it will be very easy for you squareNext, we'll show you how.

To place WhatsApp we will only have to have a good control of our keyboard, since not all keyboards are the same and therefore you may not find a way to write squared, i.e. place the superscripts.

In Windows, squaring is simply by pressing a key combination, «Alt + 253» each time we press numbers on the numeric keyboard, so that the exponent number 2 appears directly, but on mobile keyboards it's even easier. We will tell you how to do it on keyboards like Gboard, SwiftKey, or the Samsung keyboard.

Superscript or superscript in WhatsApp

put superscripts or superscripts in WhatsApp, which will be of great help to us, in almost all keyboards that have the number row enabled, we will have to leave it pressed to see the options, as in the case of Gboard and Samsung keyboard.

In the case of SwiftKey, the number line is disabled by default, so we will have to activate it or simply press the «123» key to bring up the numeric keyboard and therefore be able to write numbers, now we will just leave the squared pressed the number key «2».

Unfortunately , in SwiftKey we will only be able to superscript the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 since, in the others, other symbols and formulas will appear, so we should use another keyboard for that purpose.

Unicode Pad, write as many symbols as you want

The app that we will show you now is one of best apps to be able to write all characters of other languages and symbols, in this case we can put superscript or square in a simple way.

To write single quotes in Unicode Pad we will only have to look for the section called «U+2070 Superscripts and subscripts» and all the superscripts and subscripts we want will appear.

Use online tools to write the squares

The web is full of content, that's why we offer you a website with which you can convert any number or letter to superscript or subscript and then you can write squared or whatever you want.

On this site you will only have to write the numbers or text you want, in our case the number 2 and we can copy and paste it on WhatsApp to write squared quickly and easily.

Web: superscript text

You are with i fastest and easiest ways we have to be able to square WhatsApp, so surely some of these will be of great help to you and now you can forget about typing wrong equations in messaging apps or from your mobile phone.

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