How to prevent or disable my Tik Tok video downloads - Quick and easy

How to prevent or disable downloads of my Tik Tok videos in few steps

You can prevent or disable downloads of my Tik Tok videos in a few simple steps. It only takes you a few minutes to customize all your account settings.

How to prevent or disable my Tik Tok video downloads - Quick and easy

To do this, you need to enter the Tik Tok app. In case you haven't created an account in Tik ToK yet, you need to do it. Once inside, a screen will open showing you a series of videos shared by the people you follow.

To see them you have to slide your finger up to see the rest of the videos. All videos posted on Tik Tok can be downloaded in the gallery of your device, unless the user has disabled this feature from their profile.

If you want also protect your account and prevent third parties without your permission from downloading the videos you post, you have to disable this feature. Not sure how to do it? We will tell you how.

Log in to your profile from the Tik Tok app. Remember that you need to click on your profile avatar in the lower right corner of the screen. To enter the Settings and Privacy of your account, click on the icon with the three dots.

It is located at the top right of your mobile screen. Scroll down the menu to the Privacy Settings section. In this submenu, look for the Security section. There you will have several options that you can configure.

Go to Allow downloads. Enter this section. To disable or prevent downloads, you must select Disabled. Now exit the menu by pressing back from the left pointing arrow at the top of the screen.

This way, from now on, the rest of the users who follow you will not be able to download your videos to your computer.

How to customize the privacy of my Tik Tok account

You can customize the privacy of your Tik Tok account to protect your data and posts from people you don't know.

It is a good alternative. Well, there are many people who have malicious intentions and who could harm you. To do this, you need to enter your profile settings as explained in the previous section.

From the Account Settings and Privacy menu, access the Privacy Settings section.

How to prevent or disable my Tik Tok video downloads - Quick and easy

To make your Tik Tok account private, i.e. only users you approve from now on will be able to follow you, see your comments and like. However, this action will not affect your current followers.

Therefore, we recommend that you take a few minutes and block people you don't want to keep seeing the content you post.

From the option Allow others to find me you can give access to other users to receive suggestions to follow you. In case you deactivate it, the rest of the people who browse this platform will no longer be able to do so.

From the security section you can customize some preferences, such as:

  • Who can post comments on your videos (everyone, friends, just me)
  • Who can react to your videos (everyone, friends, only me)
  • Who can duet with you (everyone, friends, only me)
  • Who can message you (everyone, friends, just me)
  • Allow download (enabled / disabled)
  • Who can see the videos you liked (everyone, friends, just me)
  • Filter comments (spam and offensive comments, create keyword filters)
  • Blocked list (blocked people, add / remove people)

As you can see, there are more features that you can customize from your account settings. If for that you do not have to stop here, you should keep looking for more information on this topic, for example you can investigate: How to correctly change the password of Tik Tok ?, In order to further protect your account.

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