How to prevent them from leaving comments on YouTube by turning off comments?

With YouTube, it is even possible to prevent them from posting links in comments or even hide the likes or dislikes of a video on YouTube, just to name another example.

The video platform revolution has taken over the networks and they have become popular with many users. These are increasingly trying to upload theirs editions on the web.

But maybe many of them don't get positive or constructive feedback on their videos and don't want any feedback anymore.

Platforms like YouTube allow you to block the insertion of comments to the content that has been uploaded to your page, it is very simple and here we show you how to do it.

Protect and hide items in videos

The tools of user protection on this website, as well as the security ones, allow to the user to perform a wide variety of functions.

YouTube is a platform that takes care of the people who make up its community, and gives them access to various tools to protect themselves from " Cyberbullying «.

Likewise, each user has the power to disable comments on YouTube of others, as well as other things in the content you have uploaded to this website.

Either because the video isn't good enough for the public or a sensitive or controversial issue has been addressed.

Being able to perform these functions and hide elements of one or more specific videos is possible from the settings of YouTubeStudio. For example, hide the number of subscribers.


How to prevent them from leaving comments on YouTube by turning off comments?

After logged in to YouTube, the user's profile or main page will be displayed, where you can highlight the videos that have been uploaded, the profile photo, the channels to which you are subscribed, among others.

Parallel to the photo and the name of the user, towards the right side there are two buttons " Customize profile " And " YouTube Studio ". You have to select the second.

A new page will appear, where you will find a list with the content uploaded to the web, you just have to choose the video you want to edit.

By accessing it, a section of editing in which changes can be made to the characteristics of the video such as tag, name and the aforementioned elements.

Disable YouTube comments

In this same editing menu that you access when selecting the video, you have everything you need to customize its features.

In it you can find basic settings, as well as advanced ones, translations and many more, located in the tabs just below a box that shows the content.

To make the setting that allows you to disable comments on YouTube, go to the section » Advanced Settings «.

In this section, as the first option on the left, a selectable box will be found in the section » Post comments "What will he say" Allow comments «.

This same, if unchecked, will revoke the permission that other people have to comment on the video, blocking the possibility even for the user who owns the content.


How to prevent them from leaving comments on YouTube by turning off comments?

Hide or block other elements

In this menu you can also get other changes related to subscribers, » I like it "And" Not me like it «, As well as the location.

In the case of the famous finger up and finger down, other people may not see the amount of one or the other that has the video.

This doesn't mean that people won't be able to rate the video, they just won't be able to appreciate how many points positive or negative has.

The option to do this, as for the comments, is shown in the form of a box which can be highlighted in the section » Advanced Settings «.

In fact, it can be found under the section " Post comments And to be applicable, it must be deselected for it to take effect.

Both settings prove to be very practical, and just as they can be removed or deselected, if you need or want to have them again, you just have to reverse the process.

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