How to prevent websites from saving my user preferences

Did you know that while browsing the Internet, so-called "cookies" can collect so much information from us to invade our privacy? Calm.! Although the risk is always latent, we teach you how to prevent websites from saving user preferences.

This information is important, because when we connect to unsecured networks, a hacker could capture the "cookie" that identifies us and impersonate us. There is also a risk that browsers lose our personal data. Certain.! the "cookies" they also have a very positive purpose. Let's see which ones.

How to prevent websites from saving my user preferences

What is a biscuit? And the relevance in personal data

It is a file or folder that the browser saves, stores there small data of our preferences or our usage habits. This data is used by the servers of the websites we visit to store different types of information that identify us when we visit them again.

The translation of cookies is cookie, and the term is very appropriate, because while we visit websites, we leave crumbs of information about us.

What kind of information? Hours of connection, websites visited, articles viewed, configuration preferences such as language, among others.

This allows websites to know exactly what we have seen, what we like. This, in turn, has advantages because when you log into a website you experience personalized navigation.

For example, if you search for cooking videos on YouTube, the next time you log in, you will be shown videos related to your cooking preferences in the first line. Let's see how to prevent the saving of user preferences.

How to prevent websites from saving my user preferences

How to prevent websites from saving user preferences

For this you have to make sure that the browser is up to date. So we'll start setting it up. Google Chrome, one of the most popular and that makes it easier for us to manage cookie permissions.

  • We open the browser and go to the top right to press on about 3 vertical points and click on settings.
  • In the left column we click on Privacy and security.
  • We will find a box with several options that will make it easier for you to delete, activate and deactivate cookies and other site data. It also blocks cookies and more.

Mozilla Firefox. Steps to avoid saving user preferences

  • Apri il that browser.
  • We click on the menu button at the top right, identified with 3 horizontal stripes.
  • Then we click on options.
  • A window will open and click on Privacy and Security, located on the left side.
  • Several options will be reflected.
  • Let's go to the cookies and data section of the site.
  • We click on Manage permissions.

Firefox helps us use custom history settings. It makes it easier for us to block pop-up windows and consult the list of blocked sites that have been prevented from storing cookies on our PC.

Internet Explorer

  • Apri il that browser.
  • Click on the tool button (identified with a cogwheel), located at the top right.
  • Click on Internet Options.
  • So let's touch the Privacy tab, click on settings and select advanced options.
  • In this window is where we will choose if we want to allow or block proprietary and third-party cookies. Finally we click OK to accept the changes. Close the window.

Why are cookies useful when saving user preferences?

Among the cookies we also have our own cookies. I am necessary for web pages to load well in your browser, at the same time they have been designed to provide a more personalized experience from the web to the user. Its goal is to improve the service provided by the sites you visit.

They are usually very useful on those sites that provide Online shopping, because if you have trouble completing the checkout process, your cookies make it easier for you to remember the things you had in your shopping cart, preventing you from repeating the process again.

We will find all kinds of risks on the internet. However, we will always have instruments that will allow us to protect ourselves from the threats we may occasionally encounter.

Be informed and configure which ones I can prevent personal data from saving a website and being up to date is what will help you protect your privacy and enjoy navigating this fantastic information superhighway. And if you have any doubts related to the topic, you can ask them in the comments.

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