How to prevent your Instagram posts from being shared to Stories

How to prevent your Instagram posts from being shared to Stories

There is a parameter in Instagram that allows you to block anyone from sharing your Instagram posts to their Instagram Stories, so that no one can use this feature until you turn it off again whenever you want.

By default, you can share a post you like from any Instagram profile in yours Stories, but it may happen that it is not possible from some account and it is not an error, but rather the manager of that account or company profile has deactivated the possibility.

For a personal profile there shouldn't be much of a problem if you have few followers, but the moment you start amassing enough followers, you might be interested in using these types of small tweaks so no one can share what you post.

To activate this option, do the following:

  1. Log into your account and, in the case of the Instagram app for iOS, click on the profile photo in the lower right corner. Now click on the three horizontal stripes icon in the upper right corner e go to «settings».

  1. Go to privacy/History. Uncheck the box » allow resharing in stories » if you have it enabled. This way, users who want to share anything you post in their Stories will not be able to do so because the option that allowed it disappears with this possibility.

In fact, you can try it if you have another profile, log in with another Instagram account and try to share what you want in the Stories, the option to share no longer appears, but only via private message, but it is a reversible action as we already mentioned.

You will be able to continue sharing the posts you publish in your Stories, the difference now is that only you can do it, no one else, and also without any type of limit. This can come in handy for have a little control over who you share everything you upload.

If you have an Android phone the procedure is the same, only the path where you find the setting to disable may be slightly different. The possibility of prevent our Instagram content from being shared in other Stories cannot be removed from Instagram via the web, the web version of the social network does not yet offer this option.

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