How to print a Word document in black and white

Since this is built into the office suite by default, many Microsoft users use it for office tasks. Even so, there are people who don't fully know how Word or other tools in the office suite work.

If you want to learn how to print your documents and information in black and white, in this article you will learn how and you can also learn more about the other Office tools.

What applications make up the office suite?


How to print a Word document in black and white

First you need to know what the office suite is, how it works and which programs are part of it. The office suite, o package for office, is a collection of computer applications normally used to perform various functions on documents. How to create, edit, organize, scan or print.

Therefore, being a package created specifically for office work, the office suite has become very popular with those who carry out this type of work.

This package consists of applications or programs such as Word, which, as explained above, is very useful when creating text documents, graphs, tables, letters, among others. Having a simple operation and being able to use multiple tools, templates and images.

The office suite also has other useful tools for more specific office tasks. For example Excel, is another application that acts as a spreadsheet.

It has calculations, graphing tools, calculator tables and a macro programming language. And it is very useful for those who work with numerical figures, as it allows you to perform from simple sums to mortgage calculations and other more complex ones.

PowerPoint is another program that is part of this office suite. It is designed to create outlined text presentations, slide presentations, text animations and include clipart or your preferences. you can put and set margins in PowerPoint if you want. It is one of the most used programs by Microsoft users in different fields of education, business, among others.

Without a doubt, the most used Office tool is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is the email service, formerly known as Hotmail or MSN. This allows you to connect and operate on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can send files up to 300MB while chatting on Skype or Facebook.

If you want to know more information about the office suite, how to get it and how it works, you can enter the official Microsoft website. And if you want to get a broader idea of ​​what are the best keyboard shortcuts in Word to work faster, you can read this article.

How to print a Word document in black and white?

How to print a Word document in black and white

If you are a beginner who uses the tools of the office suite or of office suite, some activities may cost you a little more in the beginning.

However, Word is a very simple and easy to use tool. So if what you want is to print a document, here you will learn how to do it.

Common printers often have the ability to place cartridges independently of each other. Usually one in color and the other in black and white. So if you prefer to print the document in black and white, you should choose this option.

You will get it by editing the printer properties. To do this, hit the File option located at the top left corner. Then you have to choose the Print option. A tab will appear in which you will need to click on Printer properties.

Once this is done, a new tab will open where you will see some options based on your printer. Press the Advanced Options button and then Printer Features. There you will see the option "Print in grayscale". Enable the option and select Black Ink Only.

You may also be interested in how to print a double-sided PDF or Word document without it being reversed.

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