How to protect your YouTube channel: prevent your channel from being stolen

Strangely enough, more and more people are being targeted by cyber hackers nowadays. These attack several account YouTube to access the password, not only to steal your channel, but also the bank details associated with it.

That's why we will teach you how to protect your YouTube channel with a security token and also offer you tips to prevent it from being stolen. Without further ado, just follow the steps we will mention below and we will ensure that your channel will be safe.

Steps to protect your YouTube channel with a security token

Today there is a lot of danger around YouTube channels, because, because they generate money, they have become the target of many hackers. In fact, it's not enough just to have a password to log in, it's important to add extra security, and don't forget to log out of YouTube on all devices.

For this the use of token di safety, which are physical devices that you need to plug into your computer to access your YouTube channel. That is, it is not enough to enter the default password, if you do not enter this key, you will not be able to access your channel.

Now, knowing this, let's see the steps to activate this security token and be able to protect your YouTube channel:

  • The first thing to do is to purchase the security key.
  • Once you have it, enter your YouTube account and your Google account.
  • Being inside the Google account on the left side, select «Security».
  • Several options will appear and you will mark "Two-step verification".
  • When it opens, you will mark "Security key" and then "Add security key".
  • A box will appear asking you if you have the security key and you need to select «Next».
  • Then connect the security key to the computer.
  • After a few seconds the installation of the safety key will begin and you will have to press the «Golden Button» it has.
  • Then press «Allow».
  • You will get a card that says the key has already been registered and now you need to add a "Name" and that's it.

By following these steps, you will be able to sign in with XNUMX-Step Verification to your YouTube account, as it is synchronized with that of Google.

How to protect your YouTube channel: prevent your channel from being stolen

Tips to prevent your YouTube channel from being stolen

Once you know how protect your YouTube channel with a security token, it is good that you put it into practice with the tips we will mention below. However, the security token represents the highest level of security for your channel as only you own it, but if you can't purchase it, the following applies:

  • The first thing you should do is use secure, easy-to-remember passwords that only you know, and don't be predictable, don't use dates in them. Well, anyone can know your birthday, birth or anniversary date, use tricky codes.
  • They must be keys that contain many characters, uppercase, lowercase, symbols or numbers and also change it frequently.
  • Be wary of any short links that come to you, before clicking make sure you know that the address they will send you to is trustworthy. Remember, many of them can contain viruses which, when left on your computer, steal your information.
  • Do not provide any personal data, nor your channel through the emails that arrive, remember that for no reason YouTube will ask you for your password.
  • Fill out the Google recovery form, so if something happens you can recover your account with the code that was sent to your phone.

How to protect your YouTube channel: prevent your channel from being stolen

If you've managed to secure your YouTube channel, thus preventing your channel from being stolen, keep reading our articles. You may also be interested in: How To Block YouTube Channels And Videos - Complete Guide.

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