How to put a black cat as a WhatsApp icon

How to put a black cat as a WhatsApp icon

Il October 31, 2022 is next, approaching as one of the scariest dates of the year, we've talked about without a doubt Halloween 2022. That is why it is understandable that to go according to this time of year you are interested in personalizing your Smartphone. Well, I'm happy to inform you that in The Power Of The Green Android you will find all kinds of tutorials with which you can summon a pumpkin in your living room, send funny memes or even put live wallpapers. Today, however, we're going to add a new trick to shipping with which you can put a black cat as a WhatsApp icon, ideal for having your device "made to measure" for this holiday.

Is it possible to change the WhatsApp icon to a black Halloween cat?

Come standard, you cannot change the original WhatsApp icon to a black Halloween cat. However, there are applications called Launchers that allow us to completely customize our Android phone.

One of the most important apps of this genre is without a doubt Nova Launcher, below we will explain how to use it to add a black cat as a WhatsApp icon step by step.

Scarica Nova Launcher free 2022

Nova Launcher is an Android application that offers us the possibility to make changes to the icons, wallpapers and customize the entire interface of the phone. It is precisely this app that we will use for change the WhatsApp icon to a black cat.

You can download Nova Launcher directly from the Play Store for free via the following link.

Download Halloween cat icon for whatsapp 2022

The next thing we should do is Download a Halloween black cat icon to put it as your WhatsApp icon.

For this you can use Google Images or go directly to the search via the following link.

How to put a black cat as a Halloween icon step by step 2022

The first step will be choose Nova Launcher to ALWAYS run every time we turn on our terminal, as indicated in the image below.

Then we will create a shortcut to the WhatsApp icon and then leave it with our finger pressed for a few seconds to be able to modify it.

On the next screen we will select the icon.

A screen will open where we will have to select the theme «Applications».

In this step we will have to choose our favorite gallery application.

The next step will be choose halloween black cat icon for whatsapp.

How to Change WhatsApp Icon to a Black Cat for Halloween in Android Quick and Easy 2022

  1. In this section we will frame the jack so that it fits as close to the edges as possible.
  2. Then click on «Done».

Now we can change the name of the icon by editing the link. Once finished, we must click on «Finish» to save the changes.

This would be the result, remember that for go back to the original WhatsApp icon it will be enough delete the link or simply uninstall Nova Launcher.

Now you know how bring your personalized WhatsApp to Halloween 2022, if you have any questions you can always leave a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Don't forget that you can share this tutorial with other people, which helps me keep creating more content like this… Thanks!.

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