How to put a copyright watermark on an image in Photoshop CC

Watermarks in the image

Watermarks are messages, logos, signatures that are superimposed on an image with one certain transparency, their presence is observed without preventing viewing of the photo, in this way the image is protected. They are generally used by agencies or anyone who wants to take care of their digital works.

Since this technique was invented until now, it is regularly used for preserve copyright or as copyright is usually called in any photo created by someone. This technique is not only limited to images, you can also put watermarks on videos.

How to put a copyright watermark on an image in Photoshop CC

Another use is to advertise or promote a name, logo or website. So the person looking at the photograph knows the origin of the image. It is recommended that you place watermarks in an area that does not interrupt the display and that it complements or accompanies the work. Next, how to insert watermark into image in Photoshop.

Watermark image with Photoshop

  • First go to File and open any image you want to watermark.
  • Then use Photoshop's text tool.
  • Before writing you have the option to change the font, size and color. These tools of text are at the top horizontally. Once written you can place it in any area of ​​your work.
  • In the window named Layers, select the text layer by right clicking and click convert smart objects (helps to save the graphic in its highest quality, so that when you enlarge or reduce it it does not lose its sharpness).
  • You already have your watermark! If you prefer it to go a little unnoticed, you can apply the opacity (you can find it in the Levels dialog)

As you can see, it is very easy to place your footprint. There is another way to do this, and unlike the previous method, it has its advantages when it comes to saving time.

How to put a copyright watermark on an image in Photoshop CC

Creating the watermark as a file

  • Go to File, click New. You will get a dialog box where you will enter the name you want to identify it, in background content select transparent. And you give ok.
  • Once in your workspace, go to vertical toolbar, located on the left, and tap the T (Text) icon.
  • To change the format select it and go to the top bar to change the font, size and color.
  • Then a validate changes by pressing the icon with the verification or selected image, it is usually at the top near the horizontal bar.
  • Go to the menu, click on the image and select size. The dialog box will open with 2 subgroups, the first one says Based on…. Transparent pixels are selected and in the second subgroup To stop…. Select all the options and give the ok.
  • Let's save the job.
  • Now open the image where you want insert the watermark. To do this, go to the menu, click on File and click on place… select the file you saved earlier.
  • The signature will be in the center of the screen, so with the mouse drag it and place it where you want ...
  • And validate the change by clicking on the verify icon (green color).

Gradually you will learn about the world of Adobe Photoshop and its tools. Of course, try not to overuse the watermarks too much, otherwise you won't be able to enjoy the image. We hope this has been very useful and you can leave us your comments.

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